Clutch bag - the most stylish accessory 2010

 There is one in the ladies' room seems to be invisible, but very necessary detail: clutch. This most important in the life of every woman accessory gets its name from the English version of the word "enough", because the classic look clutch - a handbag, purse without a handle, which is worn under the arm, or simply in his hand. About clutches of winter 2010 read in the women's magazine Justlady!

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Of course, in recent decades expanded range of several to many it seemed that this "rock" can be attributed, and small handbags with handles or strap. Moreover, many ladies have recently started wearing their bags as well as a clutch - the armpit or just keeping in hand.

There is no life without a clutch ...

Without the clutch can not be output "in the light", whether it is receiving in the Ministry of Youth and Friday evening. Ladies of different social strata and of all ages know that the most exquisite outfit without this part will look a little ridiculous, and, most importantly, unfinished.

Clutch is actually performing and practical function - after all, the most elegant lady need somewhere to put lipstick, mascara and a telephone.

Clutches 2010

Fashion on the clutch, then calms down a bit, then reappears past few seasons does not forget about yourself. All this year fashionista preferred mainly lacquered handbags variety of colors and shades. The most popular colors when choosing clutches, however, were classic black and, of course, located on the crest of a wave, purple color.

In the same year the famous designers fashion houses, Aware that the winter 2010 should be bright and colorful, some decided to refresh the colors and shape of this fashion accessory.

For Example,Christian Dior in his new collection has emphasized all shades of red, including on conquered all of Europe fuchsia. Small leather handbags regular shape with bright gold accents or stones, smooth polished leather bright colors - that this type of bags offered world-renowned fashion house its fans this season.

Balenciaga this season presented a collection in the low-key, mostly dark colors - black, gray. Of course, not ignored and all the same popular colors: purple and fuchsia, but still focuses on classic colors.

Also form at Balenciaga more classic - rectangular, clear-cut purses, which - interesting details! - This season you can wear two or even three at once! Of course, if in the hands of several clutches, they must be different colors, and radically different. Such a set, of course, give charm and some fragility its owner ...

Beloved by many women of fashionFurla also presented its collection of accessories, the main focus is, of course, was precisely this, such a popular item this season - clutch. According to its geometric shape he's Furla is not much different from Balenciaga: the same clean lines, the same rectangular shape.

However, the colors clearly dominated funny, in the spirit of the season: red, purple, gray, green ... There are combined models, which combines two colors, such as red and black or gray and green.

Pranks manufacturers

In fact, many manufacturers have taken it upon myself to a little "naughty" and their collections have inserted one or two clutch some of the original form or decoration.

For Example,Daschund Bag presented a ridiculous and extravagant handbag in the form of a red dachshund,Rafe suggested clutch with elements of wood, Lulu Guiness showed us the plump, sexy lips,Miu Miu - Romantic butterfly with gold handle,Chloe presented a clutch that looks oddly reminiscent of the folded sheet of paper of the popular purple, andCelestina - A fancy casket trimmed with the correct form of mirror pieces.

Author: Julia Boltneva
Women's magazine JustLady

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