Bag «Birkin»: how much is legend

Bag «Birkin»: how much is legend
 For nothing knowledgeable person in the fashion world brand name Birkin sounds like the name of some neighbor or a casual acquaintance. But it is not. Birkin - a legendary brand, which produces designer bags. And for many it remains just a dream.  

Birth of a legend took place in the early '80s, when the actress Jane Birkin accidentally showed sketches handbags led model house Hermes Jean Louis Dumas. Sketches so impressed businessman that he immediately decided to organize the production of this line of handbags, naming it in honor of the actress - Birkin.

The first model was published under the name of "Kelly" and crazy popularity. This copy is still the most popular and most expensive in the world. By the way, the cost of the cheapest Birkin bags of about seven thousand dollars, so can boast the luxury of a show-business stars, or the wife of influential politicians. But they have to sweat before you buy an original handbag. After all, you first need to order directly in the house Hermes and wait a couple of years, until it is their turn. Handbags and what do you want?

Birkin - the legend of the women's fashion industry, which eventually is gaining popularity. Today's models bags, like many years ago, are hand-made from specially treated calf leather and exclusive options are on the skin two or three crocodiles. As lining Wizard Use a gentle material from goat "skins" and decorate all kinds of locks and latches are diamonds and gold zipper. The secret lies another bag and closing it with a special little key - gold, like a fairy tale. Another interesting fact is that this little thing eliminates the appearance of scratches on it and always remains light and soft to the touch. The legendary brand - legendary quality.

Due to the high demand for handbags from Hermes are increasingly appear fake this brand. However, this is just ridiculous: buy Birkin on the market, especially in Russia. Original collection bags can be found only at Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, who have repeatedly flaunted with Birkin under his arm. True fans of the brand envy white envy them, because to have a legend of the fashion world in her wardrobe - the top of chic and a great test for the presence of taste.

As time goes by, the ideals go, fashion is changing. Remain only dreams come true and Birkin. Perfection forever.

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