Bag as a work of art

Bag as a work of art
 Women know that the ideal bag - it is absolutely necessary thing, but quite vague at the same time. After all, it is necessary to be fashionable, but not ostentatious and flashy brand. However, it must conform to fashion trends of the season and is sure to embody personal style of its owner.
 If the girl can not find your perfect option handbags, this thing automatically becomes not just an accessory and not just a bag, which can be folded different cute lady "stuff." This bag can without exaggeration be called a work of art.

Well-known manufacturers of bags for women to create a miracle, put in work his whole soul. They originally intended design, then create sketches, then collected together disparate pieces of skin, locks and rivets, which in their capable hands transformed into a real masterpiece of design art.

One of these "wizards" is a world famous brand Prada, which enjoys a reputation as one of the most prestigious holdings, who work in the fashion industry. Prada name is synonymous with elegance, style and practical luxury handbags of this brand is associated with the image of a girl from high society, which attracts worldwide attention for its nobility and elegance of style.

During the existence of brand handbags have become a symbol of style, luxury and elegance, a kind of high quality standard in the fashion industry. Many observers considered fashionable simply my duty to be sure to mention the exquisite taste and simplicity brand Prada. Due to this, the company bags quickly became famous throughout the world and have been the subject of dreams and desires the most famous and richest women in the world. Despite its rapidly growing popularity, these bags were able to maintain a unique combination of simplicity, elegance and functionality, as well as the original high quality inherent in the original design.

However, while these branded handbags and remained faithful to tradition, believe that they are beyond fashion, it would be a serious mistake. Initially, bags made of very heavy walrus skins. But soon realized the impracticality of designers such material and was used to create accessories and bags qualitatively treated skin. In addition, the master began to be applied to the suitcases and bags waterproof coating that made them both chic and practical.

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