A wide black belt

A wide black belt
 At all times, one of the main attributes of beauty and femininity was considered thin waist. Owners of beautiful and slim figure can only rejoice in their happiness. But the ladies in the body should not be upset. This accessory is a wide black belt everything right.
 Wide belt is back in vogue. Features and advantages of this significant enhancement is that it can be worn with the majority of existing types of clothing. Indeed, the emphasis on the waist using the belt can be done regardless of an available wardrobe.

This accessory worn with blouses, sweaters, shirts, dresses, jeans and trousers. Compare very favorably wide belt on the waist with outerwear, namely jackets, sheepskin coats, fur coats classic style. In other words, you need to experiment, to try something new and find appropriate options for your style.

Wide belt can have different versions. For example, it may be made from a single strip of leather or cloth with Velcro or rivets. For obese women fit girdle, which will make a figure slender and utyanet waist.

No less stylish and elegant look wide belts made of several separate straps that crisscross intertwined with each other. Fasteners in zones can be traditional or as shnurovok and lightning.

With broad belt must be remembered that this useful and beautiful accessory should not become a key element of the image and attract too much attention. The belt must be in harmony with the color of the rest of the clothes. Looks very interesting option when a wide belt matches the color of the gloves.

As for the material, the autumn-winter season 2012 at the peak of their popularity are classic noble materials: suede and leather. This is due to the fact that they combine well with fur, wool, knits and other materials winter clothes.

Women who want to make the figure more slender, it is recommended to give preference to black belts. One of the most popular trends of the season - wide patent leather belt in black, which were showcased at Fashion Week. No less interesting is the broad belt, decorated under the skin of reptiles.

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