Raising a child without a word NO

Raising a child without a word NO
 Parents can not allow my child to do whatever he pleases, and to say "no" they may not have enough courage. Scion to start listening to you without any restrictions, it is only necessary to be honest with him.

All parents want to be friends with their children, as well as set an example for others to follow. Striving for perfection, mothers and fathers often indulge your child, allowing him to do unlawful things sometimes, and fear of rejection hurt him.

Parents often tell the child "no" when to agree with him - the top of imprudence. For example, is unlikely to allow the mother to the child to run around in the yard barefoot, knowing full well that he could catch a cold. Try explaining that to the kid, he is quite able to understand this, let's not even the first time. It is necessary to convince the child that parents trust him and believe that he is able to make the right decision.

Talk with your child as an adult, not only can support him as a person, but also teach him the basic rules of behavior in society, etiquette, respect for morality. Do not raise your voice when speaking with her son, if you will, that he was able to talk calmly and intelligently.

If the parents are aiming to teach the kid a courtesy, they need as much as possible to be polite to each other as children, watching their parents adopt their model of behavior. Avoid nasty words carelessly thrown to someone in the presence of a child, because he is able to remember them or, worse, begin using. Wean young talent swear much more difficult than to teach, so it is best to avoid such a situation arises.

Sometimes it happens that parents are wrong in any given situation. Admit his mistake is quite normal, and even for the better. The child will understand that Mom and Dad can also be wrong, and will normally take it. It is important to make it clear to your child that you need to fix the error, and be sure to apologize for it, then it will begin to realize the value of their deeds.

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