Myth about parenting: Children are obliged to obey!

Myth about parenting: Children are obliged to obey!
 Fathers and sons - the problem of the century. Children should obey their parents or not? It seemed such a simple question should not cause controversy. Most parents confidently replied: "Yes." Insisting on unquestioning obedience, parents can not get the love of their children, which is calculated. What should be the basis of relations between parents and children - the last obedience or waived the first place?

Parents experiencing excessive happiness, eating obedient child. In fact, hypocrisy and indifference - these are the two main consequences of such behavior.

With duplicity still can accept. Doing a double life - one for parents and one - for himself - becomes a normal behavior for a child.

Normal relations with peers, minor mischief and reckless fun hidden from the parent of an eye. It becomes convenient: adults calm and not screaming in fits and he enjoys life. And often seen genuine surprise parents when they learn about the true behavior of the child, for example, from a teacher at the school.

Doing a double life - a defense against uncomprehending parents, but the manifestation of apathy more dangerous. There is a complete indifference to the outside world, and the worst - to yourself. No own opinion, is the eternal anxiety, how parents react to a particular action.

In the child born of their own sense of helplessness and worthlessness, and awareness of this comes with age. Meanwhile, adults immensely happy with his obedient child. This behavior, in their opinion, worthy of praise.

Apathy, indifference, lack of social activity - are the main consequences of the "wonderful obedience" to the delight of parents. As a result, grow up poor citizens, creating a gray mass of their country.

Listening to adults, the child is deprived of his personal desires and aspirations. Becomes a slave and obedient, it will be of no interest to others. For the first time such problems come up at school, they become more serious in college, especially if the child, listening to parents, went not in the university, where he wanted. And all this is achieved parents wishing good.

But how to live with their children, if they are not obliged to obey? The answer is obvious. The relationship of parents with children should be based on respect, such as with friends, colleagues, neighbors.

Ask your child to do something, and do not ask. Try to negotiate, to discuss the problem. Consider the arguments of the child if he stubbornly refuses anything. Children need help when they themselves want it, and forced aid is more like bondage. Schooling labor force may lead to a complete aversion to it.

Love for their children laid by nature, and respect - not. Respect for children will lead to the most fruitful results. In the early stages of growing up is hard to take children's delusional thoughts, but with time and change a child, knowing that parents with them on equal terms.

People can not obey. Cooperation, mutual respect, a contract - is the basis of relationships. Obedience - is a myth, and no more.

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