My child - white crow

My child - white crow
 Do your children have friends his own company, communicate, play, fight. And your baby can not make contact with their peers. Who is responsible for this and how you can help your child in this case?

Reasons due to which the child becomes an outcast incalculably much, but they need to know.

If your child fails to establish friendly relationships with peers, it does not mean that he does not need to communicate. To solve the problem, please refer to the source.

Each individual, and the "black sheep" can not be born. Parents play an important role in the formation of personality, and that they are to blame for the fact that their child has become an outcast. For example, if the parents strictly control behavior, abuse of the child, the baby probably will not be able to feel comfortable in the team.

In some families, there is a special complex: our family better or worse, it is cultural, it is richer - all affect the child's communication with their peers. Sometimes parents need the child: "Be not like others", and the child with childhood begins to behave as he pleases. As a result, he just left without friends. It is necessary to give the child to understand that it is interesting to others.

If your child spends at home all the time, you should talk to him. After the conversation can go alone with him, for example, on the playground, in the cafe, cultural events.

At a very early stage of development of the child all the initiative should take parents. For example, to meet a new friend, to get the game to offer employment. More adult child needs indirect support. Parents should monitor his actions as if from behind a corner. They should also support and participate with other children, so children feel safe.

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