Motherhood: joy or a burden?

Motherhood: joy or a burden?
 Every woman dreams of becoming a mother. This tendency inherent in her nature. But at the same time with positive emotions that arise in connection with the birth of a child, a young mother faces many difficulties to overcome.

Childbirth - a joyous event in any family, of course, if it is desired baby, and the family is complete. To his birth carefully prepared: discuss in advance the name, read professional literature, decorate the nursery.

But expectant mothers should be aware that due to the advent of the baby in the family, and any new responsibilities. You now will be responsible not only for themselves but also for the life, health and happiness of the little man. And if before you could take risks, for example, parachute jumping or riding in a car with a crazy speed, becoming a mother, you can not take that risk their lives.

Be prepared to spend a sleepless night in a baby cot. You will need a certain time to get up to feed the baby, change his diaper. And in some cases, when the kids are sick or have teething, and did not get a rest.

Most likely, you will not have enough time to engage in their favorite thing (reading books or visiting club).

When a woman becomes a mother, she is forced for some time to leave your job. And it's not good for her career. Therefore, any employer would prefer to hire a man or woman who does not have small children.

Prepare also to the fact that after delivery you can appear overweight, and you can not wear a tight dress or your favorite pair of jeans. Have to work hard to do sports, to bring back the old form.

But all these difficulties can be easily overcome, when you see your child smile, pens, which he holds out to you, and you realize that the world now have a piece that is very fond of you.

And whatever happened to you, you know that you can make even the impossible for the happiness of your children. In addition, the children are very young family unite, because in them its future.

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