Kids puzzles for development

Kids puzzles for development
 Puzzles - a fascinating game that affects the child from several sides. To date, there are plenty of puzzles, varying in shape, age category, production material and illustrations. But all of them perform the primary function - to contribute to the development of the child.

Puzzles develop logical and spatial thinking, imagination, fine motor skills, perseverance, attention, memory, and many of the behavioral characteristics that help the child to become a responsible, determined, smart and balanced person in the future.

Kids puzzles for the development of the child introduced to the outside world and provide useful skills. Collecting the puzzle, the child can learn the alphabet and numbers that are shown in the picture. Also gain knowledge about numbers can be, considering every detail before or after the game, all the elements were in place.

Puzzles are recommended for children between 1 and 5 years. For the little ones are provided puzzles, consisting of 4 members. They can be made of wood or as soft blocks, which have a single large image. What child is older, the puzzle consists of a large number of parts and a higher level of complexity. Three years you can buy puzzles with more fine detail of cardboard or plastic.

Puzzles can serve as the paintings in the nursery. If the child is already tired of playing with the old puzzles, or he needs to collect images larger, the details can be glued together, place in a frame and hang on the wall. Thus, will the memory of the favorite characters and tales of the child, which also decorate the nursery.

Puzzles can be a great gift for family members or friends of the child. To do this, you can collect special greeting puzzles or even order any image. You can also collect children's puzzles for the development of Internet sites (online) with whom the child will be doubly interesting to play.

To teach a child to this evolving game, adults should collect puzzles with their children, to explain how the parts are connected by their shape, color and image of the picture. After each separate "victory" over the assembly puzzles must praise the child and handing consolation prizes after the most complex paintings.

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