Hurtful words of our children

Hurtful words of our children
 A child grows and develops, so he constantly needed a teacher who will be his guide. The baby did not control the street, parents should pay more attention to their own daze.

For mom baby - a priceless treasure that must be protected from the bad side of influence. The baby is always clean and pure, and all the bad things they say about him, mom thinks exaggeration. Probably because of their perception of good-natured mother is surprised when he hears from his dearest children of hurtful, harsh words.

The first time a child can simply repeat the harsh words he had heard once from adults or on TV. He can not even understand their true meaning. Just curious to know the child's parents are of this word.

If the child does not understand the meaning of what has been said, do not rush to punish him. In such cases it will be sufficient to explain in a calm atmosphere kid that such words are not worth it. The explanation should take place in a relaxed form, and not wearing a moral character.

If the child began to swear consciously tactics will be totally different. In this case, you need to find out why the child began to swear. When you find the reason for this strange behavior, it will be easier to deal with the harshness of the baby.

The most common cause of field, rudeness child is hurt. Your child simply does not understand why he did not buy a lot of toys, why not spend with him as long as it was carried out before. Typically, these problems disturb the baby after the mother to work.

Struggle with bouts of aggression need to gently, gently, as a child in front of you who are lonely. Sometimes children think that their parents do not like, so they begin to attract the attention of all means available. For most children the most affordable way to attract the attention of parents are pranks and rude.

That the child never told you hurtful words, install them with trust. Try to go into the smallest problems of your baby - and you'll never hear criticism from his own grown-up child.

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