Early childhood development - plus?

Early childhood development - plus?
 Modern parents just puzzled question of their babies. Some want to satisfy their ambitions and present to the world of this genius, others think that the more chips to teach a child, the easier it will be given training in the future.

According to the most child psychologists, early childhood development - is, of course, a plus. The earlier parents begin to engage with your baby and develop his abilities, especially adapted to the child not only to kindergarten or school, but also life in general.

The desire of parents in the development of the baby deserves respect, but among so many methods to find the one that will make early child development effective and interesting. The unequivocal answer is no, it is advisable to start training with the already tested and proven techniques.

The learning process should be like a game rather than a full session and then your baby will be willing to take up the world of knowledge.

One of the known methods of teaching - courses on the cards Glenn Doman. They can begin to show the kiddies since three months. On the cards depict animals, plants, vegetables, fruits ... They demonstrate the fast, but the baby had time to look at everything. One set shows three times a day, and give voice to the picture always something to complement her. For example: a dog, it barks, there are different breeds of dogs, she is our friend, etc. The main thing to end the session, until the baby freaked!

Well-known educator Maria Montessori noticed that kids aged one and a half years learning to sort and match objects by size, color, shape. She decided to create a special frame inserts that help develop logic and motor skills of your baby. Crumbs tells how to assemble and disassemble the frame. If something does not work do not rush to help, it should come with experience through trial and error. Talk with your child, lured into the game, explain where any form, ask what they look like.

Methodology Nikolai Zaitsev will appeal to all kids, because classes are held in the form of a game. Kids jump, run, sing, build towers out of blocks and at the same time studying. Employment on the basis Zaitsev - a table with dice and written letters and syllables. With kids cubes stacked syllable and thus learn to read. The highlight of the method consists in the fact that all syllables sung for better memorization. First mom with a toddler sing together, and then himself.

The natural desire of parents - is to see your child's physical development, because then he gets sick less often and better developed. This will help the early development of the child by the method of Nikitin, the principle of employment which - at least clothes and maximum movements. Exercise should begin in infancy, at first it exercises on the fitball and later lessons on the wall bars. Try to help your child to a minimum, let alone learn to feel your body.

What kind of technique is suitable to your kid, you can see just try them out. Develop a child, playing, and perhaps very soon about your genius learns the whole world!

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