Do baby teeth erupt

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 Teething - a very important event in the life of a child. Each baby teeth begin to erupt at different times, but on average it occurs between the ages of three months to a year. If the teeth in children erupt later, it's okay for a not bear.

Every young child your own schedule development. Some children are born with one tooth, and at others they only appear to year. Unchanged in this process is only the order in which teeth erupt.

First erupting incisors, which are located below the bottom of the jaw, then - in the upper part of the jaw is also at the center. Further, they are joined by four incisors, top and bottom, then two pairs of upper and lower molars cuspid four top and bottom, and finally a second pair of teeth.

Determine the teething snap. The child reddened, inflamed gums, which sticks out from the white marble from which the tooth is ready to appear. This may take some time. Since this is a natural process, expert help is not needed. No need to scratch your baby gums, giving the crust from the bread and bagels from this in the gums can become infected.

Every child is different moves teething. Very often, the symptoms of teething are: temperature, snot, many naughty child does not sleep at night. You can see a doctor and ask how you can reduce pain. The doctor usually prescribes antipyretic drugs and various herbs that are painless eruption.

Doctors recommend starting the kid to brush your teeth with gauze wrapped around the finger. The main thing is that the procedure does not deliver crumbs discomfort, but more like a game. When the child gets older, it is necessary that he took part in cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush. Cleaning should buy a small toothbrush attractive shape and bright color to make it like a daze. The paste should buy fruit, as it has a pleasant smell, and it's just bribe the child to brushing your teeth.

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