Develop self-esteem in your child

Develop self-esteem in your child
 Healthy self-esteem - is the protection of every child from external problems. Those children who are good in the first place to itself, without any problems various conflicts. They enjoy life and smile more often.

Conversely, children with low sense of humor, life's problems can cause frustration and serious concern. If the child is a low opinion of himself, he is unlikely to be able to find the right solution to the problem. These guys become withdrawn and passive, more likely to say "no" than "yes".
In the development of self-esteem are important, of course, parents.

What can we do to self-esteem in a child raised?

- Must ensure that, as you say. Children are very strongly perceive the words of their parents. Praise is necessary not only for a positive result, but also for trying to make it positive;

- You need to be a good example. If you are too hard on his daze, over time it will become the same as you;

- Children learn from their mistakes, you need to find and correct the mistakes of their favorite kids;

- Be loving and upright. Give them a lot of time, kiss, hug, talk, be sincere;

- Create a pleasant harmony in the house. Those children who do not feel in your own home in complete safety, who are treated harshly, always suffer from low self-esteem;

- Carries with him the lessons that will be useful for raising self-esteem, for example, let the older child helps a younger lessons. Thus, he would feel at a height that it is something that can and can at that age.

We must remember that every child is able to develop a positive self-esteem for a happy life, which is full of accomplishments. Just for that he needed help the most loved ones. Even if the baby is something slipped, no need to tell him that he mediocrity and poor. If you constantly dissatisfied with their child, and he will be unhappy to everything around the world. Love - the most important in the education of the younger generation.

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