Why do I need a cream for tanning

Why do I need a cream for tanning
 To get a smooth and beautiful tan in the solarium, should: wear eye protection, use Stikine for breast and moles as possible to cover the hair and moisturize the skin after sunburn. Beauty salons, provides services tanning, offer another right's Skin tool - a special cream for the body.
 During tanning the skin intensively exposed to ultraviolet rays and at the same time powerful air conditioning. This can lead to rapid dehydration of the skin and cause premature aging. First and foremost, the purpose of tanning cream - neutralization of UV rays. Also, the cream should perform the following functions: to protect the skin from photo-aging, nourish it with vitamins and antioxidants, enhance tan, moisturize the skin and maximizes smooth and beautiful tan.

Amplifiers for solarium tanning (for example, Chocolate Silk, Hot! Or Idol) in its composition usually contain natural supplements, when applied, they enhance the synthesis of melanin. This allows for much faster golden hue.

Bronzatorami cream (such as Amaretto, Sun Dreams, Chocolate Indulgence) suitable for hurrying faster to get dark complexion. These creams bronzers large number of substances, that is, dyes, by the action similar to tanning. By the way, after 5-7 days bronzers will go, tan acquired during a session in the solarium, will stay with you.

There are also creams for tanning effect, called body blush (Love Monkey, Mind Eraser, Ravishing). They may contain bronzers and a special biotechnological complex activates blood circulation while saturating the skin with oxygen and giving it almost instant glow, which in a few hours turns into a luxurious tan. All this helps to achieve stable chocolate shades in just 2-3 sessions in the solarium.

You can offer innovative use tanning cream with another effect - it is called Tingle (Unforgiven, Intoxicating, Stunning). Sunburn after application Tingle-cream will be as close to a natural blush of the sun, because after the application of this tool is enhanced subcutaneous microcirculation by expanding capillaries and there is a feeling of warmth, tingling, and the skin may be slightly blush.

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