Remove cellulite: modern and traditional methods

Remove cellulite: modern and traditional methods
 Cellulite is the formation of subcutaneous fat due to metabolic disorders. Skin cells clogged pores, and this leads to the fact that the substances to be removed from the cells remain inside. These cells are grouped in the connective tissue and firm to the touch constitute islands blocking lymphatic drainage and circulation, which leads to an accumulation of calcium in the fat cells. In addition, the cells have the property of cellulite attract water, causing swelling of the affected area.

Modern treatment of cellulite provides a comprehensive approach, because, as the treatment of cellulite in any one way is ineffective. Therefore, to cellulite treatment could bring the desired and visible results, use multiple disparate techniques.
All anti-cellulite can be divided into salon and home. Whichever technique you choose must adhere to a diet to get rid of cellulite.

The range of salon effective measures to combat cellulite include massage, water therapy, care for the skin condition, special anti-cellulite treatments (masks, scrubs, lymphatic drainage, lipoplening, wraps), as well as new techniques such as krioelektroforez, cryosurgery and kriodembraziya.

When krioelektroforeze specially injected under the skin frozen cosmetics using pulsating current. There, they slowly thawed, so this special cosmetics works under the skin up to ten hours, so the impact of its impact increases dramatically. This method avoids any skin punctures.

Cryoablation and kriodembraziya - these procedures require certain equipment and enough competent expert. After all, their task is to remove dark spots, scars and various other noticeable damage to the skin. On the effectiveness of such procedures are with the laser in a row. In addition, the body perceives cold most naturally, so a cosmetic problem persists easier and faster healing.

In turn, the modern ways of getting rid of cellulite include not only the use of various cosmetics, physical exercise, and special clothing. Such garments are offered a wide choice. More efficient and the most difficult to use a three-layer underwear. Created such anti-cellulite shorts, breeches, trousers and tights lycra, latex and cotton. Three layers of skin massage, creating a "sauna effect" and the withdrawal of excess liquid.

Among folk remedies to combat cellulite are the most effective: honey massage, anti-cellulite baths, wraps, masks and scrubs.

Honey massage can be done at home without special training. Take natural honey, put him on the field of cellulite and slowly pat hands. This massage is done for at least 10 minutes.

In order to prepare an anti-cellulite bath suit almost any medicinal plant extract. For example, you can take a warm bath with 300 g of a mixture of herbs such as oregano, lavender, rosemary, lavender, horsetail and ivy. Reception is conducted must bath for 15 minutes, preferably 2 times per week.

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