How to gain weight quickly and efficiently

How to gain weight quickly and efficiently
 If for some women the most important problem is weight loss, while others, on the contrary, dreaming about how to gain weight quickly. Excessive thinness did not make an attractive girl, but because it is only natural that these young ladies dreaming of additional kilograms. Unfortunately, gaining weight does not always work. But do not worry! How can gain weight quickly and effectively?
 In an effort to get better person drastically changes your diet, try to add more calories. But if you do not watch what you eat, if you do not be careful menu, the good, and most importantly - do not achieve sustainable results.

Starting to gain weight, make sure you answer yourself the question: "How and what you eat? "Yes, you really should be increased caloric intake. Only it should be done properly. Consider your height and weight, lifestyle and activities.

There are other very important aspects. Drinking coffee in large doses, smoking, the presence in the life of constant stress - all this will have a negative affect on your health in general and the process of weight gain in particular. Composing your diet, remember that the main thing - it's not the amount of food and its quality.

Calorie food - is its qualitative component. As you know, in any case there is also a qualitative component, which is also strongly influenced by the possibility of rapid weight gain. In the case of food, talking about as they say, and its composition. What it takes into account? In a food must contain sufficient fat, protein and carbohydrate, essential vitamins, macro- and microelements. So the amount of fat should be about 30 percent of the daily diet, protein - not less than 15 percent carbohydrates - 55 percent or more.

You should know also that quickly gain weight will help you not only high-calorie foods, namely foods in certain combinations. For example, meat is recommended to use with sour vegetables: so the protein will be absorbed longer, and hence - will be a set of weights. Remember and that proteins should be eaten at the beginning of the meal and fats - in the end of the meal.

And try to eat more so-called "slow" carbohydrates (cereals, pasta durum) and not "fast" (for example, cakes). By following these rules, you can not just quickly gain weight, but also to make it stable.

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