Heat and cold for a beautiful body

 Even in ancient times were discovered the healing properties of effects on the high and low temperatures. Roman baths, Turkish baths, diving in the hole, "Cleopatra bath" - this and more has long been used to achieve the therapeutic and cosmetic effect, and today has been widely developed in the health and beauty industry.  

How is it going?
Exposure to heat dilates blood vessels, improves local blood circulation and capillary metabolism, lipolysis, removal of toxins from the epidermis, relieves stress, headaches, has a relaxing impact.
Cold constricts blood vessels, reduces swelling, improves lymphatic flow, refreshes and invigorates.
The contrast of warm and cold temperature impact mikrotsirkulyutsiyu improves blood, thereby increasing the tone of the skin, making it more elastic, has a lifting effect. As a consequence smoothed orange peel, reduces body fat, the skin becomes taut and toned. Increases overall body tone.

In the cabin
Cryo and thermal effects are widely used in various fields of cosmetology and medicine. In our lexicon long entrenched notion of "Cryotherapy" and "Thermotherapy".
Thermotherapy - thermal effect has a positive effect on the whole body, or having a local action. By thermotherapy refers bath, sauna, water and electro- bath, warm mud wraps, stone therapy, and more. According to experts, if correctly applied, and the choice of method of thermotherapy, it is a drug from all diseases: use it to treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system, internal organs, musculoskeletal system, sexual organs, relieve headaches. No less wide range of applications and thermotherapy in the cosmetics industry: thermotherapy scalp restores dry hair, normalizes skin, treats dandruff; mud and paraffin wraps used successfully to reduce the volume of the body, treatment of cellulite, improve skin elasticity. Local effects on the skin with the help of special devices solves the problem of rosacea, pigmentation, reduce wrinkles.
Cryotherapy - low-temperature impact on the body to achieve certain positive effects. Most common cryotherapy for treatment of acne, warts and other skin defects (using liquid nitrogen), dandruff and alopecia. For correction, anti-cellulite and achieve a rejuvenating effect have developed special "cryo" - special units, which use liquid nitrogen temperature falls to - 110 C.

About cosmetics
For those who are not ardent fan of diving into the hole, does not tolerate a sauna and is not eager to experience the innovation of medical equipment, professional cosmetics manufacturers offer specially designed line for home care, based on the effects of heat and cold.
Because of our mentality, there are certain doubts about how to use makeup at home can be compared, say, with a visit to the sauna. Naturally, a visit to these institutions for us rather ritual - "hover like being born again." The sauna is a complex effect on the body: the skin is cleaned, warmed the whole body and internal organs.
Action makeup manifested in a local impact on the problem areas in order to reduce body fat, combat cellulite and improve skin elasticity.

Among the well-known manufacturers such funds can be distinguished professional cosmetic brand Ingrid Millet (line of body care Le Corps). Le Corps funds are divided into two types: "With sauna effect" (contain the active complex for circulation, warming ginger extract) and "the effect of ice" (Cryo-tonic contain complex extracts of menthol, peppermint, causing contraction of blood vessels).
These funds should be applied to thoroughly cleansed skin. Only in this case provided a sufficient penetration of the active elements deep into the tissues. Ideally, it is recommended after a shower make a deep cleansing of the skin with exfoliation.
Good results can be achieved by using cosmetics with cryo / thermo breast. As primarily a cosmetic effect use of these funds is shown in the fact that the skin fast enough "tightened" and becomes more elastic, their use will effect the invisible "bra".

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