Beauty Secrets of the princesses

Beauty Secrets of the princesses
 From time immemorial, women want to look attractive. We admire the beautiful princess who look at us with old portraits and TV screens. Princesses are always in sight, they need to look good. Surely these beautiful ladies have their own, special beauty secrets.

Nobility and elegance of the aristocracy has always stressed radiant, well-groomed skin. Mask, for many centuries was popular among Chinese princesses, gives the skin a nice gentle tone and improves the complexion. Clean two mandarin peel grind in a mortar, lay an even layer on a saucer, the top pour a teaspoon of soy or peanut butter; Put a saucer in the sun for two or three hours. Take three teaspoons of honey, beeswax, onion juice and juice of white lily. Mix these ingredients, add a couple of crushed seeds of peach and connect the resulting mixture with progrevsheysya the sun tangerine peel. Add a couple of tablespoons of water tincture of ginger root (press 1 tbsp. spoon crushed root per cup of water). Mix thoroughly until a medium density cream. Put the mask on cleansed face and lie down for half an hour so. Remove the mask with a cotton swab, rinse your face with water.

It is clear that not everyone has the time and opportunity to follow such a complicated recipe. Even many princesses do not have time for this. Often special love beautiful women of the royal family enjoyed the sour cream. Masks for face and body cream made from the French queen Marie Antoinette and her ladies. Masks fond of sour cream and the last Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.

We should not think that beauty recipes, come to us from ancient times, is no longer relevant. For example, a gruel made with fresh peaches covered his skin and Cleopatra, Cleopatra and the twentieth century - Elizabeth Taylor, the recognized standard of beauty. Here is another recipe of Cleopatra, extant - a wonderful night cream. Stir 40 ml of aloe juice to 40 mL of distilled water. Add 20 ml of rose water and 10 g honey. Put the mixture in a water bath and slowly add 100 g of fresh baked lard. Make sure that the mixture is not overheated. Ready Put cream in a jar with a tight lid. Keep in refrigerator cream.

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