5 ways to express always look great

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 After a stormy party or a sleepless night before the exam need to look brilliant? To remove traces of fatigue and give a person rested and fresh new look, you can use the quick response and some folk ways. Take adopted several express tips and charming surrounding his youth and beauty at any time of the day.
 The purpose №1: «Shining Leather"

To cope with the dull complexion, use creams with reflective particles, energy masks and easy peeling. But do not overdo it with the latest, otherwise the risk is only exacerbate the situation. "Sleepy" skin sufficiently sensitive to external stimuli, so better to give preference enzymic scrub with a soft peeling effect. Apply it only to damp skin strictly on massage lines face smooth movements. After a rinse with cool water, and even better chilled black tea, it can give the skin a light tan. Then apply a thick layer of moisturizer with light reflecting particles. Before you begin applying makeup, blot the face with a paper towel.

The purpose №2: «A clear view"

One of the easiest means to get rid of eye fatigue - attach to skin something cold (ice cube chilled spoon, etc.). Experts recommend storing gels and creams for the eyes in the refrigerator, thanks to their effect is increased by several times. In the struggle with dark circles under the eyes will help you all the same cream with light-reflecting particles, they are able to brighten the problem area and how to "open the" eyes. To quickly smooth out fine wrinkles around the eyes, use eye compress ready - patches. Put this "cosmetic dressing" on your eyes, immediately after waking up. As long as you luxuriate in bed, already means to act.

The purpose №3: «A person without a trace of fatigue"

Sometimes that means for a person will act not as good as we would like. In this case, come to the aid cosmetics: light concealer, foundation effect lights, powder, blush, etc. To visually "open the" eyes, use light flickering shadows and black mascara. To my eyes did not seem sleepy, using gray or brown pencil on the upper lash line, draw a thin line. And to achieve a "velvet" view, you can, if you paint the lashes in a special way: first apply a brown mascara, let it dry and then paint the tips of lashes coal-black ink.

Goal 4: "Skin without edema"

To get rid of excess fluid in the body, experts advise to take a decoction of parsley, but the result is not immediately noticeable. But if you need to quickly get rid of edema, use the pads to the eye creams and gels, activates microcirculation and removes excess fluid. The structure of such funds usually includes a large amount of antioxidants.

The purpose №5: «Tripping»

Tired legs can help you cooling gels and bath with salt and essential oils, which is best done before bedtime. And of course, do not forget about the massage and gymnastics.

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