What is fashionable fall 2011

What is fashionable fall 2011
 For autumn-winter 2011-2012, the leading designers of the world, without further ado, suggested model of "a la 70", with elements of the so-called "vintage" style, ornate and elegant at the same time.

Looking for fashionistas dressed like a heroine Barbara Brylska Ryazanovskaya of "Twist of Fate ...", mother and grandmother sigh and in a hurry to share with heiresses of the contents of their trunks. Whatever you may say, but 70 years without reason considered almost the last period of unique fashion trends. So feel free to choose suede boots with thick heels, wear a sweater and a large knitted plush skirt with a high waist - and you'll be at the height of fashion autumn-winter 2011-2012. If you plan to hike or visit the theater, indispensable in this case would be the dress of white cashmere. And do not forget to add to your closet massive decorations made of wood or stone.

Felt hats, tweed coats or cardigans with a quiet pattern can, of course, cause not only an attack of nostalgia among the older generation, but also ironic smile lovers in extravagant outfits. What can we say about the coats and suits from the "plaid"! But fashion this fall so good that it is practical, does not restrict movement and does not accept screaming colors. Shades of brown, yellow, blue and green colors give the elegance and simplicity of the model from the tissues of any invoice. A black and white colors go into this season, as they say, hand in hand: white leather jacket very harmoniously will look with a black velvet skirt or slacks.

What the designers decided to make this season those who love all the unusual, so it is some distance and trends of youth subculture different eras. Fringe and geometric pattern on wide jeans and simple in a style capes, as supporters of the hippie movement - and strict translucent black leather corset, skirt and organza gowns in style ready.

Holds fashion and men's suit (or at least its elements) in the women's locker room. Wool classic suits, tweed jackets and long coats will please not only the feminist movement activists, and women leaders who hold a truly masculine rhythm of life. To revive a little less strict way of business ladies, instead of a tie, you can tie a bow around the neck, or choose a suit with inserts of leather or fur.

Your wonderful legs of the fair sex in the fall will be clothed in soft boots of various heights made of natural fabrics or yet trendy ankle boots with high heels. For work or festive evening perfect stylish shoes with a bow or fur trim. Those who prefer sports style in clothes, can choose a comfortable two-tone loafers.

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