Swimwear Collection 2011

Swimwear Collection 2011
 Beach season is open for a long time. Every girl wants to naturally and on the beach to look irresistible. Therefore, many of the fair sex are interested in fashion swimwear 2011 collection.

Speaking about the collection of swimsuits 2011, first of all, should tell about the color. Most recent designs for this collection - it's all because of the nature of the South, namely, tropical flowers, fruits and plants. Also in the collection of swimwear 2011 widely used geometric patterns. It should be noted that the actual and sea theme: gold decoration swimwear, anchor strip. Became popular and peas. The dimensions of it can range from small to very large. Leading role in the collection of swimsuits 2011 game streak. She offered by most designers in unusual combinations of flowers. In addition, it should be noted that, as in all previous seasons, Collection 2011 was unthinkable without the brilliant fabrics. But this was not the brilliance intrusive, not excessive.

As to the form of swimwear, the designers are offered the girls a very wide range of models, and almost each of them has a "zest". This collection is very urgent layering. Many models feature original zavyazochki, rings, buttons, excesses, etc. Widespread asymmetrical models, ribbons of different widths.

Girls who want a tan, this collection will be enjoyed. After all, it has a lot of small separate bathing suits. One option could be a bikini with a strapless bodice.
In addition to the collection of swimsuits 2011 trikini common. Trikini fit woman with beautiful breasts outlined. It combines elements of separate and solid leotard. Also in the collection is a very luxurious models. They are richly decorated with lace, sequins, hand embroidery.

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