Sports fashion - 2011

Sports fashion - 2011
 Currently, a lot of girls and women maintain their body in shape. After all well aware that even the most effective diet is not to tighten the skin and will not make the muscles flexible. In order that the body is beautiful, it is necessary to play sports. Selection of sportswear is very great, and what models in fashion in 2011?

Morning jogging - it's the best way to positive emotions for the day. A further energizes jogging tracksuit new collection.

In 2011, the relevant tracksuits. The main colors fashionable tracksuits - a white, black, purple, blue and red. Basically, costumes combine two colors, at least - three. Popular in 2011 white suits with blue accents, or blue suits with white inserts. Ideal will be combined with black raspberry, blue and black. Just in fashion classics - black and white tracksuits.

Sports trousers of different models. Waist be overstated or understated, long pants just different. In a fashion pants up to the heel, ankle to mid-calf. For slender girls designers presented pants, flared from the hip. Waist understated the waist Drawstring prodernuta. Do not go out of fashion and pants tights.

The peak of fashion - a variety of patch pockets, lace and cross bar.

Sport Fashion 2011 missed and shorts. In a fashion mini-shorts, skinny models below the knee or knee-free models. In general, to create a trendy shorts used cotton and jersey plaschevka. The most fashionable in 2011 is considered black, purple, lilac or blue knit shorts. Also, the fashion shorts gentle apricot color.

The most popular model 2011 is a velor tracksuit. Velor suits are made of high quality material in classic style. Tone very different, but not too flashy. Velor tracksuit consists of fitting blouse shut with a hood and trousers, flared from the hip. Velour suit can be worn on a morning jog, when there is cool, and on an evening stroll through the city.

Designers made sure that the girl was convenient for sports. That is why all sportswear is made of natural materials.

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