New Year Party 2011: Accessories

New Year Party 2011: Accessories
 Summer is coming to an end and not far off the main holiday - meeting the new 2012 year. Of course, the New Year - is primarily a family holiday, but nowhere without partying with friends and colleagues. Many ladies are already thinking about the upcoming celebration and its future attire. Let's see what trendsetters recommend complement our appearance on New Year's party.

Breathtaking dress or carnival costume should be supplemented with festive accessories that make an ordinary party into a real Christmas tale. Only on New Year we can afford to be unusual and even a little too much shine, as well as the coming Year of the Dragon (these mystical creatures adore the gold and glitter of precious stones) - you can not afford to sparkle and shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

Festive hair pins can be supplemented with sequins, satin ribbons, tiaras or hoop decorated with bright exotic flowers, pins with pearls, and a truly magical crown. In hair weave gold and red and emerald strands of hair - designers conspire and recognized it most suitable decoration New Year's accessories this season.

All jewelry is selected depending on the shape and appearance of facial features and women. Big jewelry in ethnic style (African, Gypsy and others) suitable for women with oval faces and not chubby. Thinner and more elegant neck and jawline will help to visually make long strands of beads or a large necklace.

To appease the symbol of the coming year, designers recommend to buy a brooch in the form of a dragon and pin it to the New Year's Eve on the chest or waist, and maybe even a handbag.

Dragons like precious stones, so ring with big stone fits perfectly the way (not necessarily even natural). The alternative will be a few thin rings on one finger (but to decorate all fingers is considered bad form).

Naturally, accessories made of natural gold (especially pink or white) will decorate every woman and give the image of the aristocracy.

Handbag for such a solemn occasion should be small and very elegant, made of velvet or satin, or even of silk, but always decorated with beads and sequins, rhinestones and pearls.

Shoes adjusted for dress (depending on the color and style), but this year, designers are advised to find a contrasting bright pumps with high heels with bows or large crystals.

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