Jewelry trend: wood and diamonds

Jewelry trend: wood and diamonds
 Cleverly combine incongruous - the lot of talented people with outstanding taste. Classical frame for diamonds are considered varieties of gold and platinum. None jeweler in their right mind will insert a jewel in the copper. But some brave souls went ahead and joined the diamonds ... with wood.

Swiss jewelry house ADDLER in 2008 released a collection called «Wood» («Tree"). It was a collection of ornaments, in which perfectly warm bronze tone wood, white gold, colored and white diamonds and Tahitian pearls.

In the rings in this collection are also very harmoniously looked white gold and wood, yellow citrine, brown diamonds and regular. So contrasting elements together to create very nice looking gamut.

In the products of the company ADLER love to flaunt Western Star. Among connoisseurs - Kate Winslet, Diane Kruger, Sienna Miller, Kim Cattrall. All of them were seen in unusual jewelry on the red carpet. A star of the Russian admirer home ADLER are TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, actress Eugene Kryukov and renowned producer Yana Rudkovskaja.

Collection of Tiffany & Co 2008-2009 year included jewelry, created from bamboo, covered with white gold and encrusted with diamonds, and another ring of maple wood with strips of gold and diamonds. Designer jewelry has become a Kara Ross.

Collection of the same season De Jong's products could boast of Sri Lankan rubber, American mahogany and other rare species containing elements of gold and diamonds.

By the way, in the 80-ies of XX century, the company has manufactured products Boucheron combines fine wood, precious metals and stones.

For the manufacture of such ornaments are selected only expensive and very strong breed. And jewelers themselves, and connoisseurs of such products is recognized that such decoration is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to touch and wear them a pleasure.

By the way, recently introduced in the Russian market iPhon, whose body is made of the sound of the barrel ebony. Body encrusted with diamonds and a large topaz. The author's ideas - Italian studio - Sun & Moon.

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