Headbands Hair 2011

Headbands Hair 2011
 This wonderful accessory as rim already liked blondes from Paris Hilton to Kate Hudson, brunettes like Nina Dobrev and Emily Hudgens and redhead diva named Rihanna. Now time for you to try on this summer trend.

Hair length is not important - the rims fit and modern Rapunzel, and hussy with short haircuts bold. Romantic nature fit options, decorated with designer colors or volume textile decoration.

Another stylish trend - headbands with bows. Size and color can be different: shy to face will be thin rims with tiny bows in tone, but still want to be the center of attention should buy rims with hypertrophied bows in red and pink palette or in a contrasting polka dots.

Girls-rebel suitable image in the style of glam rock: bezel with metal beads, studs or small spikes would look great on a little disheveled and aesthetically disheveled hair. The main thing - to choose the right accessories and others not to overload the image with unnecessary details.

The most demanding fashionistas need to pay attention to the novelty of this summer - rims with the decor of feathers. The choice is quite large, so there are options for every taste: laconic black feathers emphasize your elegance and bright multicolored peacock or become a reflection of your unbridled optimism.

Vintage lovers will love the rims with a veil. This unusual decor mesh you add mystery and irresistible. Incidentally, this accessory is made in white color, it can be a headdress of the bride and replace the old-fashioned bridal veil.

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