Handbags 2013: fashion trends

Handbags 2013: fashion trends
 It is hard to imagine a woman without a bag, as the latter has long ceased to be a conventional storage for small things, becoming a stylish accessory that complements the image, through which you can look bright and original. Each season, designers offer their vision of what should be the handbags. Was not an exception and the year 2013.

Bags 2013: fashion styles

Do not lose their relevance bags, traveling bags, originally started as a travel bag, and is now widely used by those fashionistas who prefer to carry a myriad of different things and choose bulky bags.

No less is large in size leather bag bag, also located in the trend. The advantage of this model is that it blends well with everyday, and with sporty style. Will complement the last original backpacks, not similar to those which go hiking. Neat leather and fabric models look original and interesting.

In contrast, the volume model designer offers small bag, to what are clutches. These fashionable handbags previously offered only in the form of evening models, but their purpose is gradually increased, and today you can see the clutches of original forms, perfectly combines things in everyday style.

Separate direction act beach bags, that are indispensable in the summer. Among them are leading woven bags for women and novelty of the season are models made of transparent plastic.

The most beautiful handbags: actual color 2013

It all depends on the purpose of a handbag. If it is a conservative model, the relevant black and brown colors. If selected for a summer bag, you should pay attention to the more vibrant hues. Do not go out of fashion red bag, but this season it adds yellow and orange model, as the most popular are sunny colors.

Special restrictions on color mode is not set, so you can safely purchase favorite model.

Materials for bags

Fashion trends bags offer a variety of materials to create them. In a fashion not only the skin, but also fabric, straw, plastic. Wherein the skin tanning can be varied from smooth to simulate traditional animal skins, such as snake print. Suede and patent leather handbags are also present at the show.

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