Hairstyles 2011

Hairstyles 2011
 Stylists this year decided to abandon the aggressive colors when painting hair and advise women of fashion for a while to get rid of elaborate hairstyles. In fashion simplicity and naturalness. With certain assumptions, of course ...

Dye your hair this season is recommended in natural colors: light brown, wheat, flax. In general, lighter shades this year - at the height of fashion. Are gradually gaining popularity and radically "gray" hair, which look great with almost all the fashionable cut and style (with the exception of the classic tail).

Brunettes are also advised to stop for a while from blue-black or aubergine colors, red-haired man - from bright red. Ladies with "Titian" hair color stylists recommended to stay on the classic gold or beige tone with hair color.

Naturalness and simplicity - this is probably the main trends that find their reflection in the cut and style of women's heads. Moreover, holders of short hair and medium length hair may finally rejoice: their rivals, the owner of the lush and long curls, this year recommended to abandon not only on the lush hairstyles, but also on the loose strands over her shoulders. To conform to fashion trends, long hair should collect the normal tail. As a consolation lovers grow hair stylists offer to decorate this scanty hair feathers or ribbons.

But who really lucky this year, so it's owners of short haircuts. In a fashion easy negligence, so even hair in the style of "just out of bed," of course, properly laid and fixed, will look modern and stylish. Even those who have medium length hair, stylists advise to experiment with styling, suitable for short hair. How? Using the "invisible" and clamps, and then abundantly irrigating the whole structure varnish or gel.

However, owners of medium length hair sin offended by fashion fads of the current season. "Four of a Kind" and "Bob" - the basis of many hairstyles - this year should be just a little corrected with the help of "torn" asymmetrical haircuts to look a bit disheveled. Or - another option: "Bob" or "square" with super-long bangs covering part of the face. Well, to be a woman is a mystery ...

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