Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

 Summer - time, lightweight fabrics and silhouettes free. And, of course, the most popular women's clothing remains skirt, leaving behind even a summer dress. Which to choose: a short, knee-length or long to the ankle? How to pick something original, really delicious? It may be worth opt for the skirt with a high waist that starts to become fashionable in this season? Overview of the most elegant and interesting models is a women's magazine JustLady.

Fashion at inflated waist was born in the era of the Empire, when looking for a new ideal of feminine beauty company again appealed to antiquity. In fashion is translucent clothes resembling peplos or tunic, sometimes the dress specially wetted with water to make it more transparent and stronger expression at the figure. Fashion for such dresses called a la Sauvage, which translated from French means "naked". With an eye to the Greek Empire-style silhouette image appears -high waistBelt below the chest, arms and neck completely open, behind a small roller. It is thanks to Empire style in contemporary fashion appearedskirt with high waist - Essentially poluyubka-poluplate or skirt combined with a corset. This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting options to create a bright image, but at the same time and one of the most difficult. The simplest option - a dark skirt of moderately dense fabric and translucent top of the same color, but a few shades lighter. Effectively looks similar option with the classic "black bottom, white top." More complex and original ideas we see designers spring-summer 2010 collection.

The classic version of the Temperley London: blouse with closed gates,skirt with high waistComposed of tiny frills and shoes - everything is in the same shade of carmine. Accessories - dark brown cowboy belt and wide bandage on his forehead. In addition to general business style composition is combined equal proportions skirts and shoes (from the strap to the fingertips).

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt with Temperley London

Skirt by Just Cavalli - also in the office style, but more relaxed nature. Here is a basic element - a bright "zebra" print, continuing through high waist to the abdomen and optically make the figure more slender. By this skirt is best suited black or silver accessories without striking elements and drawings.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt with Just Cavalli

One of the most originalskirts with high waist we see in Zac Pozen: Leather "bell", covering the waist almost to the chest. The traditional image of "white top - black bottom" replayed here very unusual way: combination of leather and fine linen blouses, complex applications on the hem, which intersects with the ornament pattern shoes.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt with Zac Pozen

Whiteskirt with high waist and two deep cuts from Christofer Kane - one of the best solutions for a hot summer, it can pick up almost any blouse with a pattern containing a white color, perfect shoes brown and black colors.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt with Christofer Kane

Whiteskirt with high waistConsisting of a set of brilliant light ruff - a chic version of Badley Mischka. Designers suggest wearing it with slim-fitting T-shirt or top and sandals from narrow silver straps. The best conclusion compositions - one bright accessory, such as a belt buckle or with a bright bag.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt Badley Mischka

Short skirt with high waist suggests an easy and carefree time. They are perfectly suited for a summer vacation, when I want to relieve fatigue and feel again fifteen girl, forget about the many concerns and problems. Top choices - from Etro and Dolce & Gabbana - short skirt with wide waist so that it is overpriced. An essential attribute - cowboy belt and a T-shirt or top with an original print.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirts Etro and Dolce & Gabbana

Short skirt should not be strict - it can be decorated with all sorts of ruffles, pleats, buttons and fringe boots maximum stresses shapely legs - it can be sandals with high heels or boots as models Dolce & Gabbana.

Original seriesskirts with high waist in the collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs: light cotton, bright prints, original accessories. The most complex character - a combination of skirts and blouses from the tissues in different cell. Despite the fact that such an option is traditionally considered losing, due to the difference of the colors and pattern is created quite stylish composition with three primary colors: dark blue, white and red. Bright summer accessory set style: red shoes, bracelet and belt, and a huge blue bow in her hair. Bright red skirt on a different model is combined with a yellow, carelessly tucked shirt. Only link - blue on blue prints and belt.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt Marc Jacobs

Skirt with high waist could be closed as outer clothing on models from Burberry Prorsum - its height only speaks a wide belt, wearing a top and skirt itself consists of many spectacular sites and kinks tissue. By this skirt great choice open sandals with black socks "in the crease" - one of the most fashionable combination this season.

Fashion Trends 2010: The high-waisted skirt (photo)

Photo: high-waisted skirt with Burberry Prorsum

If you want to buy something special for the upcoming season, and at the same time your wardrobe contains several light blouses, thenskirt with high waist - Exactly what you need: feel free to choose the one that you like and do not forget about the strap or belt, which will be elegantly emphasize the waist, creating a unique image in the Empire style.

 Maria Leo
Women's magazine JustLady

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