Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry
 Accessories - it's not just one element of the wardrobe, it is its integral part. So, well-chosen jewelry can set off the most commonly dress and create the desired image. As in the world of clothing, jewelry in the world also has its own fashion trends.

Gold and silver will never go out of fashion. Question in the form, weight and inlay jewelry. What you should pay attention to this season?

General criteria for all types of jewelry - a massive, natural materials and various inscriptions, tie and ornaments. Come first ethnic motifs (especially eastern). By the way, with regard to naturalness, it is relatively stones it also means that welcome natural form stones, ie without a cut.

Popular geometric shape with broken lines and angles. Actual last year flowers and butterflies can also be used, but in conjunction with other decorations. By the summer of the same fabric roses, on the contrary, become very trendy decor.

At the height of the popularity of this year cameos, which can be made in the form of rings, and in the form of brooches and pendants. If my grandmother's trunk survived something like that - safely remove the light. Vintage generally fashionable this season. And jewelry, made in the style of times gone by, as suitable to everyday wardrobe (even jeans), and to evening dresses.

Particularly chic season is fairly new technology - decoration stones diamonds. Jewelry 22 carat gold is selected. It is very soft, so it should be treated carefully, but of a material obtained wondrous things.

Summer time - a great time to use jewelry. A large number of cheap imitations from China have created a negative image of this kind of jewelry. But sometimes the elite and high-quality jewelry is worth much less than jewelry made of precious metals. At the same time, jewelry is richer in colors, and you can select the items to the absolute any outfit.

Manufacturers of luxury jewelry is used for the production of high-quality materials (silver, copper, natural wood, bone, artificial crystals, semi-precious stones, etc.). Therefore, going for shopping in search of fashionable jewelry, do not pass by the departments of elite jewelry.

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