Fashion Earrings 2011

Fashion Earrings 2011
 Originally earrings worn by men to emphasize their social status and sexual preferences. Over time, the earrings have lost their original meaning and women now wear them as an ornament.

Each year, designers are coming out with new jewelry collection. The main fashion trend in 2011 are large massive earrings. They can be made from a variety of materials - such as glass beads, metal, wood, plastic or ceramic. Latest gold and silver jewelry. Fashion this year are earrings in the form of rings that are perfect owners of long straight hair (which it is desirable to collect a ponytail or bun) or asymmetrical short haircuts.

Summer 2011 are relevant decoration of white metals. Long pendant earrings decorated with stones pastel colors, absolute trend this season.

Fashionistas will appreciate wicker accessories. Earrings made of feathers, can frequently be seen on the pages of fashion magazines.

Pay attention to the retro style. This can be in the form of earrings large flowers or massive suspension with natural stones.

Long colored earrings matched to the color of clothing or accessories. This way you can play on the contrast favorably.

Small oval earrings will suit both girls with short hair and long flowing hair. Harmonious look with an evening dress and bracelet from the same series.

Tiered earrings consisting of small plates are selected to match the dress and do not require additional decorations. It is recommended to collect hair.

Pearl does not lose its relevance. Can be combined with clear cubic zirconia and semi-precious stones. Harmoniously looks in gold or silver frame.

Ethnic direction remains at the height of fashion. Earrings is massive. In 2011, special importance is attached to cutting. Originally looks rough stones. These earrings will complement perfectly set in safari style.

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