Fashion coat - Spring 2009

 This spring, at the peak of popularity will be a coat of bright and saturated colors. Although the collections of famous designers and present black and dark blue coat, but they still could not compete even more striking feminine coat. Recent looks stylish, and for the spring season and spring mood suited to one hundred percent.

Fashion trends: Female jackets - Spring 2009

Fashionable colors of the spring season: Bright red, orange, yellow, royal blue, purple and pink.

The color scheme of the coat of the new season of spring is diverse!

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009
Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Coat-dress, long before the middle of the knee
Short coat-dress long before the middle of the knee will lead you among the fashionistas. They effectively emphasize the waist and chest, as well as hide the fullness of the hips will make your silhouette proportional and very feminine, which, of course, will be celebrated men. Perfectly suited to mark the beginning of a new season.

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Classic feminine silhouette
Fashionable coat for Spring 2009 distinguished, above all, a classic silhouette semilying. This chic classics - the motto showcase their spring collections almost all the leading designers. Relevant in this season the style of the 70s, so you can safely wear a coat in retro red, orange, yellow, royal blue, purple and pink flowers.

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Plain coat
Plaid coat lost his pedestal monotonous. Clean, saturated colors do not even require additional accessories. Feminine classic cut, and original accessories make this coat an elegant and romantic.

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Funny appliqué
Novelty of the season began to coat with applications that you and I have seen many times on summer dresses and sundresses. In coats, studded summer flowers, you are guaranteed a sunny mood and admiration of passers-by. A great way to cheer yourself up and feel the approach of the long-awaited summer.

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Knitted coat
Fashion designers have turned their attention to the classic knitted coat. The proposed models of both saturated and pastel colors as well as extremely light, airy. So I want to wrap yourself in this gentle cloud.
Every woman wants to stand out from the crowd, to be elegant, unique and very noticeable, in so doing, it will help knit coat. You will not be disappointed if you choose to make such a feminine coat.

Fashion coat - Spring 2009Fashion coat - Spring 2009

Unusual collar
A separate topic of conversation is a collar Fashion coat seasonSpring 2009. All designers are, without exception, showed various models of coat or with an unusual interesting collar, or none at all (which, it should be noted, too, looks very stylish).
Women's magazine JustLady recommends choosing a fashionable spring coat sure to pay attention to this detail.

Accessories was presented a lot, and they were a match for clothing patterns. Bright spring-holiday, they will allow you to look festive and fashionable. In general, it should be noted that the feature of the current fashion season can be considered a special attention to the designers was to accessories and various details.

It is through the bright parts designers today create original images, a new show retro style, and create extraordinary elegant and romantic fashions.

A few tips from
Fitting fashion coat be carried out according to the following principles:
1.Primeryat need to jumper to coat does not restrict movement.
2. On the girls of middle and high growth will look good coat with belt.
3.Shirokie hips perfectly hide coat trapezoid.
4. The easiest way to determine if you coat on growth - see the sleeve length: up to a maximum middle of the palm (the beginning of the thumb).
5. If the boa to wear on top coat, your image will be especially stylish and elegant.

Elena Matsuk
Women's magazine JustLady

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