Denim Jeans in 2012

Denim Jeans in 2012
 In today's hard to imagine a modern wardrobe, which would be missing jeans. Once upon a time it was just work trousers of coarse cloth designed for miners - and now they are worn by both men and women, regardless of what kind of lifestyle they lead. Styles and jeans models are constantly changing, depending on fashion trends. What jeans are all the rage in 2012?

In the new season, both male and female jeans will be more fitting. Women's jeans with a belt on the hips, so beloved by the ladies in the previous seasons, will complement the model with high and wide belts. And this has its advantages: these jeans make your legs longer than visually, as well as would smooth figure flaws. Jeans with a low waistline suit every woman. So - long live freedom of choice! Possible intermediate solutions, jeans, waist line in front of which is omitted in the thigh and the back - is raised to the natural proportions.

The most relevant will cut the legs, tight-fitting shape. For women also allowed jeans, slightly flared from the knee or jeans-pipes having the same width throughout the length of the legs. Men's Jeans is even slightly narrowed down, and they go down below the waist to the hips.

As for finishing the jinn in the coming year, it will be more modest and restrained. Embroidery is mainly recommended to use silk, pick up the tone to the base fabric or metallic thread. Will also be used traditional decoration classic jeans - rivets, emphasizing edge details, seams, and of course, pockets.

One style accessories in 2012 would belt whose width may reach 9 cm. The belt can be made of leather or suede. An interesting variant of design solutions will be braided belt from individual strips of leather. This accessory can also decorate studs, rhinestones, metal inserts.

Fabrics for women's jeans can be used by a variety of not only the classic denim, corduroy and, with the addition of shiny fabric yarns, textured oblique hem.

Flower preferred dark blue (summer version - light blue or light gray). In second place on popularity - black, brown and gray tones. For the most daring designers can offer red and burgundy shades.

As for length, the women's jeans will be permitted to shorten a bit - and they will be much more elegant look with high heels. But men's jeans, on the contrary, encouraged to be slightly longish. Stylish piece for men will become the lapels on his jeans below, which can be both accurate and deliberately negligent.

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