Business style: fashion trends autumn

Business style: fashion trends autumn
 Autumn opens new ground for women of fashion experiments. Given the particular rhythm of modern women, which should be at the same time keep up the beautiful hostess, caring mother, a professional business-woman and luxury visitor to secular parties, the designers have provided women a palette of various possibilities of creating stylish image.  

You can look fashionable and at the office, all the more so in autumn 2011 business style has been the subject of special attention of fashion. All the wealth of a business wardrobe has undergone a change and got a new incarnation.

Remains the undisputed favorite clothes, as if tailored for men. It has already won the love shirts, shoes and jackets joined pants. Today it is easy to make a suit out of the closet as if borrowed beautiful man. However, masculinity does not deprive those wardrobe items graceful and elegant.

The most stylish way to help create a short-cut (ending above the ankle) pants gray, somewhat narrowed down. Their arrows are mandatory attribute. Complete their toes in tone and rigid walking shoes or choose a classic boat heeled permissible in the office or ankle length.

Focus on the pants help strict white shirts and sweaters pale colors. Better if it will be an interesting shade of gray.

Autumn - a time when you have to get the robe. Business style embodied in the strict forms of elegant coat - their collection is replete with Marc Jacobs. However, it is not recommended to get involved in drawing up the monolithic sets: an experiment in fashion and combinations. Choosing classic bottom, allow yourself a little freedom at the top of the dress. For example, the classic skirt or pants can be put on strict with slightly baggy knitted cardigan or a leather jacket.

Absolute favorite fashion autumn peaks - dress. To choose a strict office model with a knee-length pencil skirt. Color should not be too bright, but if you are aiming to create a truly stylish way, pay attention to the shades of purple - at your service all of its rich scale.

For inspiration, see the twenties and thirties, which trend is clearly apparent in the collections of many designers.

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