2011 fashion colors

2011 fashion colors
 Fashion - very volatile and unstable substance that manages to command millions of people. Almost everyone at least a little concerned about the issue - what clothes to wear this season, after the popular trend of clothing styles are constantly changing. One of the major problems is the choice of popular colors this season.

So, in 2011 the most urgent color is white. He flashed in the collections of almost all well-known designers, and some collection consists entirely of white. Do not miss the opportunity to complement your wardrobe with something white, good, white thing is always handy and combined with almost all other colors. Be sure to purchase a white bag or pair of shoes, and maybe you will approach a white suit?

Further, suddenly became popular khaki, who also attended many shows this year. This popularity was achieved due to the fact that in vogue again entered the style of "military", which for many years underlines the delicate femininity thanks to the game of contrasts. This color is back in fashion again and again for many years, so be sure to get yourself something of that color, and fit everything - from the banal pants or blouses, ending with unexpected solutions, for example - a summer dress.

The next popular color pink 2011 is now, and as light pink, and his brilliant version. This color is used in the collections of designers such as Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, Cynthia Steffea and some others are also tempted by a pleasant tenderness that color. As for fashionistas, pick up his clothes, they can be advised to purchase a pale pink something feminine air, for example, a cape or a summer sundress. And if you decorate your wardrobe with bright pink skirt, you can be sure that many men can not take from you eyes, and women imbued with respect, as a person, not fearful of non-standard solutions.

Green color was seen in the collections of Prada, Oscar de la Renta and Betsey Johnson. This color - bright item in your wardrobe that will underline your image and add a little levity. Try to pick out the accessory in green - scarf, a set of jewelry, clutches, and you will see how to freshen up your look.

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