Selecting aroma of feng shui

 Another selection criterion can be color vial, for example, bottles delicate shades store feminine fragrance, cool colors are fresh flowers and glass of warm shades promise a rich sweetness.

Fashionable Chinese puzzle Feng Shui says: if you select the color of their perfume bottle, you can easily manage and their finances and romances:

Blue in feng shui is responsible for the element of water. Wear these spirits when you have to solve questions of career and finances - they will awaken your intuition.

Davidoff - Cool Water Woman
Bvlgari - Blv
Givenchy - Into The Blue
Mexx - Pure Life

Green - the harmony and energy of nature. Perfume bottles of green uplifting and gives cheerfulness.

Isabella Rossellini - Manifesto
Elizabeth Arden - Green Tea
Hermes - Un Jardin sur le Nil

Gold represents the entire spectrum of metals. Use these flavors when you need to feel wise, strong and keep everything under control.

Lancome - Attraction
Elizabeth Arden - 5Th Avenue after five
Louis Feraud - Feraud Paris
Givenchy - Organza
Yves Saint Laurent - Cinema

Red - the color of fire. He is the passion and glory. Scented perfume so to be in the spotlight and is a magnet for the views of others.

Cacharel - Amor Amor
Hugo Boss - Deep Red
Giorgio Armani - Emporio Night For Her
Azzaro - Visit For Women

Pink - It's an emotional, sensual and feminine. Envelop themselves in such a scent before a date or meeting with you dear people.

Lacoste - Touch Of Pink Woman
Cacharel - Noa Fleur
Christian Dior - Diorissimo
Escada - Magnetic Beat
Gucci - Envy Me

White symbolizes purity of mind. Choose it when you need to relax, set yourself up for cleansing or creative way.

Angel Schlesser - Femme
Hugo Boss - Boss Woman
Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle
Dupont - Essence Pure Femme

Black - A symbol of profound change. Before you make an important decision, dushites perfume of black bottles - he gives his thoughts in order.

Gucci Eau De Parfum
Chanel - Chanel Coco
Dupont - Pour Femme
J. Del Pozo - Black
Versace - Crystal Noir

And finally - a few tips from the French women. It is believed that they have an innate gift wearing perfume.

- Do not run after a momentary fashion. "I change my spirits only when changes drastically my life - every five or even ten years - says the top model Ines de la Fressange (in 1994 she was a model bust symbol of France - Marianne).

- Fragrance - is an expression of your "I" rather than sentiment, which changes every day and even every hour. To highlight the current mood, wear high heels or change the color of lipstick "- Perfume rasprobovat need, not by the first notes to understand what's that smell. "Now the popular flavors dominated by one note, for example, chocolate or vanilla - says Atris Audrey Tautou.

- These same spirits must be multi-faceted, they should not be logic and accurate calculation - only inspiration. "

- Fragrance - this is not sex, but in a good mood. "Often in advertising you can hear that this or that smell will make you seductively, - says Ines de la Fressange. - I would say in another way: favorite perfume gives self-confidence, and this confidence is already makes a woman sexy. "

- "A little bit - enough already. "French women prefer to say about them, they are smart, interesting in communication and have tact, taste and sense of humor, not that they are nice and fashionable smell" - laughs actress Sophie Marceau. "Apply the perfume in an amount such that the surrounding can feel your scent, only closer for a kiss."

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