Perfume or eau de toilette?

 Perfumes has, firstly, aesthetic (actually perfumes, spirits and funds for fragrance) and, secondly hygienic (raznooboaznye means for OC Vezhen and skin disinfection, colognes and eau de toilette).

Modern perfumery produces products for different purposes and different forms: liquid, solid and poroshkoobrznye. Perfumes, colognes and eau de toilette - main products are perfume production. In addition, funds are available for refreshment and fragrance (kuritetnye essences kuritetnaya paper), means for perfuming linen (sachets) and means for perfuming baths. Fragrant and resinous substances contained in smoking aids and spray detrimental effect on microorganisms and not only refreshing, flavored, but also purify the air. In addition, many fragrances, even in small quantities quickly absorbed into the blood and excite or calm the nervous centers.

Aromas are different in concentration: fragrance (parfum, extrait), the concentration of 20-30%;
water, perfume, perfume water (eau de parfum, Parfum de Toilette Esprit de paifum Eau de parfum), kontsentrtsiya 15-25%; toilet water (eau de Toilette). concentration of 10-20%; cologne for men or the easiest feminine scent (eau de coiogne).

Perfume - Perfumes for evening receptions. Quite a few drops of perfume to put on the pulse of - on the crook of his arm, temples, Dokdo folds, behind the ears, behind the knees. Perfume - is an alcoholic or aqueous alcoholic solutions of mixtures of odoriferous substances and infusions, obladayushie persistent smell. Depending on the sort of perfume compositions containing different amounts and infusions (from 5 to 50% aromatic substances). Concentrated perfume formulations contain more than 20% of aromatic substances. Fortress of ethyl (wine) alcohol in perfume ranges From 96, 2 to 60%.

It is important to remember that the floral perfume of the same name created by different perfumers smell differently and have different shades. This is due to different individual perfumers relation to a particular smell, depends on the taste and personality of the perfumer: they can be npohladnymi or dry, lyrical, soft, bright, temperamental or calm, sentimental, sad, and so on. E., Depending on the character and mood perfumer who created this perfume.

Eau de parfum specially designed for business women. In contrast to the spirits it will not annoy others, and yet is more resistant than the toilet water. Eau de parfum is kept for 4-5 hours, so it can be used twice a day. It is applied in a small amount onto the skin and clothing, but not silk, fur or pearls.

Toilet water suitable mainly for morning use and is ideal for holidays. It can interact only with the clothes, but must not be exposed to the skin. Eau de toilette - a water-alcohol solution mixtures of odoriferous substances and tinctures with alcohol concentration of 59-68% and fragrances 1-1, 5%, suitable for wiping the skin.

Colognes designed to refresh and disinfect the skin, the strength of alcohol in their 75-60%. In colognes floral fragrances 8.2%, 1 triple, 2-1, 5%.

Perfumery products made in the United States, often referred to Cologne. In such cases, the fragrance means is usually a concentration of from 12 to 25 percent and corresponds to French perfume or toilet water. In products for men concentration below - from 7 to 12 percent. They are applied to the skin by hand, as liquid.

Mostsprays comes with a spray. Thus Spray aerosol denotes (bottle filled with a solution under pressure by means of gas). We spray in such packing has a big advantage: almost unlimited shelf life because the liquid inside is fully protected from contact with air. In addition, the fragrance reveals itself fully when spraying.

Natural spray with spray too, but the spray liquid is due to the head itself. Shelf life of spirits is the same as that of bottles without spray devices, and the smell is revealed slower than the iodine-filled pressurized aerosols. Natural spray can be distinguished, having carefully considered the vial. If the spray can be unscrewed, so it Natural spray.

Dry spirits (sachets) - Intended for perfuming linen. Are bags of paper or cloth containing otdushennuyu vegetable or mineral mass (rose petals, crushed iris root, or a mixture of talc and asbestos, and so. D.).

Smoking essence - Alcohol solution and fragrant resinous substances, a few drops of essential oils, put on the metal surface is strongly heated, emit fragrant pair.

Smoking paper - Strips of paper soaked in a mixture of aromatic substances, most often resins (frankincense, benzoin, myrrh, opopanaksovaya estimates, etc.), to flavor the premises are kept over the fire.
For the preparation of medical and hygienic bathing widely used coniferous concentrate. Its release in the form of tablets, powders and liquids. The basic structure - essential oils of coniferous trees, among which occupies a dominant place oil fir.

Coniferous pine extract concentrate and give baths therapeutic effect, ozonated air and beautiful color zelenovatyi its calming effect on the nervous system and makes bathing particularly pleasant. However, taking pine baths only on the advice of a doctor.

Coniferous and coniferous concentrate extracts good for freshening the air (especially for the disinfection of the premises, which are bopnye). 1 tablet or 1 tablespoon of coniferous tion concentrate or extract dip in a bowl of boiling water and stir a little to appear pleasant scent of pine forest.

Aerosols widely used as a deodorant, ie means destroying an unpleasant odor. In fact, most of them do not actually destroys odor and masks, air perfuming.

DPJ production of liquid perfumes scented composition is dissolved in alcohol is added (if necessary) infusions, defend and allowed to stand solutions, filter them and pasfasovyvayut.

Manufacture of perfumes and colognes is built on the same principle. Dissolution of compositions and homemade perfumes and colognes are made in tanks, which are equipped with lids and loading hatches and have a capacity of 000 liters 500-15. Composition suspended or metered alcohol, infusions and water are fed to them via intrinsically centrifugal pumps. The mixture was thoroughly stirred and allowed special stirrers, stirring occasionally, for a period of 1 to 20 days (depending on the technological requirements established for this particular type of product).

Time left standing is important and affects the quality of the products. Longer exposure contributes to "rounding" of spirits, the maturation of their smell and odor removal of alcohol, creating wholeness bouquet.
Apply in practice this principle: keep in stock a bottle of your favorite spirits - they ripen better. And do not believe the words that the spirits of "sour." This can happen only with those spirits who improperly stored or have already come to an end (in a bottle of less than a half). For information on how to keep spirits here.

After settling and left standing liquid is passed through special filters to control the quality in the laboratory, is sent to the Department of filling and finishing.

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