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 Perfume largely determine the shape of the whole woman. And not only the appearance but also the perception of life in general. Therefore, buying a perfume, we pay less for a particular product and brand, but for the beautiful dream of put it into practice. how to choose their spirits as they are correctly applied, how long they are stored.

Scientists have shown that odor perception is closely related to sexuality and emotions - is responsible for them one and the same part of the brain. This is not surprising - in fact since ancient times man, like other animals, choosing a mate by smell.

The skin of each person has their own unique flavor, the key to which is laid in the genes. Perfumes react with the skin and stress supplement this individual smell. In fact, we feel perfume to someone only after they evaporate from the skin, and its chemical composition and temperature depend on many factors. Thus, the flavor becomes hidden code, by which we communicate with others.

Often there is no apparent reason stranger makes us rejection or, on the contrary, it seems inexplicably attractive. Scientists say it's all about pheromones - special aromatic compounds actively secreted through the skin. These compounds contain attractants - substances that attract individuals of the opposite sex. In perfumes used synthetic or natural analogues thereof. The most well-known attractant used from time immemorial - is musk.

By the same primitive and sometimes unconscious mechanisms such as smell and reproduction, true hunger. Who of us does not cause pleasant emotions smell of freshly baked bread, or, for example, fresh berries? That is why the "edible" vanilla-fruit flavors are so popular with men. How not to become addicted to the atmosphere of coziness, which distributes around him real "sweet" woman?

Modern Spirits

New flavors are very different from the classic perfume mainly because now in perfumery are increasingly being used to artificially synthesized odors. Modern technology allowed the reconstruction of fragrances in perfumes include not only the notes of the rarest flowers and fruits, but also quite amazing smells - asphalt, sand, rubber and even dust. In perfumery there are more than three thousand different flavors, and this list is constantly updated.

But the most refined and complex aromas are born all the same natural ingredients. Largely on the percentage of natural oils and perfume depends on the price. Perfume or extract - this is the most expensive option, it exceeds the percentage of fragrance Eau de parfum 20 contains about 10-12%. In toilet water - 6-8%. And the weakest in strength and durability flavors - a soft colognes and sprays for the body.

Resistance flavor also depends on the type - floral and citrus scents are usually faster weathered than chypre.

Where to apply perfume?

You can follow the advice of Coco Chanel and apply fragrance "in those places where you want to be kissed." Longest flavor is preserved in the so-called points of pulsation - the folds of the hands, wrists, behind the knees, on the neck. Clothing is also very good stores smell - especially natural fabrics and fur. But the perfume should be applied only on the wrong side seams of clothing and not to leave stains on it. Old tradition of sprinkling perfume on scarves and gloves nowadays unfairly forgotten. And a very good reason - even a "sweet" handkerchief impregnate favorite fragrance wardrobe and stored things in it.

Date of Expiry

The first flavor threaten safety light and heat. Excessive cold also not good for the spirits. Therefore, contrary to the Soviet habit, a bottle of your favorite perfume is better not to hide in the refrigerator and store just in the closet. And do not "push" the perfume for years, and begin to use immediately after purchase. Open perfume smell change in a couple of months. So do not buy the biggest bottle of perfume, if you are not going to use scent every day.


The smell often associated with us with any particular period of life, with some event or person. Similarly, as there are spirits in the morning, (light and unobtrusive) and evening (sweet, wood), there are the smells of summer and winter. Winter - chypre, oriental, fur shading and create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Summer - air, romantic and refreshing.

And yet, many people use a favorite smell is always and everywhere, for many years. This is a great happiness - to find a "soul mate" flavor. Before this happens, we usually go through a long path of trial and error (and often - very expensive!). Psychologists have even identified several "perfume" stages in a woman's life.

His first fragrance, we usually remember for a lifetime. These experiments with the smells gave us the opportunity to feel like an adult.

The next stage of "aromatic" stories associated with the first awakening of love and sexuality. Perfume becomes a way to attract attention, create a new image and to declare it.

Searched for a suitable period of perfume can continue for years. Changing our style and way of life, changing the perception of ourselves and the world. At some point, the woman already knows what she wants and what can afford. When this happens, we begin to give preference to an old favorite spirits and less likely to find new ones, which would be "amazed".

How to choose your perfume

- Do not choose a perfume in the early morning - nose picks up smells better in the afternoon. Abundant food and cigarette smoke strongly affect the sense of smell, so try not to smoke before you go to the perfume shop.
- Perfume back of his hand (before that, make sure that your hands do not smell any soap or other spirits) and inhale the smell from a distance. Take a few short breaths and then "forget" about the spirits at the time to evaluate the experience.
- Most of fragrances based on the principle of the pyramid: the smell is revealed gradually from light to the deeper notes. So do not judge on first impression.
- Do not try to just a lot of spirits - three times for one would be more than enough.

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