Love on the strip in advertising Jeu d'Amour Kenzo

 Infomercial Jeu d'Amour Kenzo - advice for lovers how to diversify your evening.
In a small dark bar in front of a small audience, two playing cards. On the strip. Seductive Louise Bourgoin heroine combines the charm and femininity unconditional Monica Bellucci and Christina Hendricks. She loses.
Love fragrance perfumers Christophe Raynaud Kenzo and Daphne Bugey woven from fruit and floral (tuberose and freesia) notes, add a little spice and freshness - the ideal company for a summer evening with your loved ones.
Studs are removed, the hair loose, I heard the final notes of sandalwood and musk Jeu d'Amour Kenzo - it's time to turn off the lights.