Bvlgary: luxury and tradition

 The famous Bvlgari today the company owes its appearance to a Greek family jewelers. In the town Epirius Sotirio head of the family engaged in the creation of silverware. In the mid-19th century, OH and emigrated to Italy, where in 1884 in Rome, opened his first shop. With sons Constantino and Giorgio in 1905 managed to set up shop in Condotti, which is still considered the main boutique brand.  

During the first decades of the 20th century, brothers seriously engaged in jewelry, gradually taking over the experience of his father and live in his role. The period after the Second World War was a turning point for the brand. Bvlgari refuses to clear discipline and domination of the French school for the sake of creating a unique style, which reflected the theme of Greek and Roman classicism, the Italian Renaissance and Roman jewelry school 19 th century.

C 1970 begins the era of the international "expansion" of Bvlgari. For the first time in the history of the brand store opens on another continent - in New York. Then -Parizh, Geneva, Monte Carlo. Today, the number of boutiques Bvlgary in different cities of the world is coming to 50. In 1977, were created by the famous clock Bvlgari - today they are considered a classic design and at the same time he is one of the most commercially successful to this day.

In the early 90s the brand began the conquest of the perfume world. In Switzerland, was created division - Bvlgari Parfums. The first release of the flavors become Eau Parfume, Cologne au the vert and Bvlgari pour Femme (February 1994).

In 1994 the company introduced a new line of gold jewelery, Chandra, a year later - a new series of watches in classic design using a variety of precious stones. In September 1995, was released Celtica - line of jewelry made of precious stones.

To date Bvlgary style combines vintage and decorations, and aristocratic collections. Brand designers combine different precious materials and different views on the decorations. Bvlgari is constantly updating its own set of lines, combining different approaches from beskamenny jewelry, to the abundance of diamonds and mixing them with semiprecious stones.

Already made history and last year's collection of jewelry by Bvlgari - Bvlgari High Jewellery- unique collection of 74 subjects (25 necklaces, 12 bracelets, 21 pairs of earrings, 14 rings and brooches 4), built on a single stone - white diamond.

A separate issue, of course, perfumes by Bvlgari - diverse, relevant to all tastes. Designers Bvlgari fragrances have in their portfolio as bold and daring flavors and fragrances that embody the most tender feelings (such as, Petits et Mamans - a fragrance that can be worn and mother and their kids).
Designers fragrances experimenting with styles as well as with the ingredients. For example, a women's fragrance BLV Notte pour Femme used unusual perfume component - vodka, and Bvlgari (Bvlgari) - rarely found Nossi-Be. Often in perfumes brand meets beloved by many tea note (white tea, green, oolong tea). The company has a fragrance that can be worn every day or on special occasions. With Bvlgari perfume collections should necessarily meet - surely you discover something new and interesting for yourself.

Women's perfume by Bvlgari

 BLV Notte pour Femme (Bvlgari) - sensual and mysterious female, absorbed the magic of the night air. Bright chord mandarin and bergamot, refined notes Galang and sophistication of ginger enhance sensory perception.

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) - the embodiment of purity, tranquility, sensuality. Top notes: Brazilian rosewood, Nossi-Be, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, bergamot from Italy. The main note: Sambac jasmine tea, violet, mimosa hornbeam, rose. Note plume: Florentine iris, vetiver from Madagascar, musk.

Bvlgari BLV (Bvlgari) - basic and defining note of the fragrance is spicy ginger. Adds sparkling bergamot active note and vanilla and acacia reinforce the warm and sensual chords. Wisteria flower flax and give the flavor and tenderness of femininity.

Eau Parfumee (Bvlgari) - The idea of ​​creating this unisex fragrances inspired by the romance of tea rituals. Perfume combines the subtle aroma of tea and a special smell of the Mediterranean. For those who want to make every passing day more beautiful with simple and elegant detail. Top notes: bergamot from Italy, from Spain, orange blossom, cardamom from Ceylon, Russian coriander. Heart note: Bulgarian rose, jasmine from Egypt. Note plume: green tea, burnt wood.

Eau Parfumee au the blanc (Bvlgari) Sensual aromatic composition is based on a smell - white tea. Toning and soft scent of white tea blended with notes of white pepper, artemisia, musk, amber.

Eau Parfumee au the rouge (Bvlgari) - fresh, delicate and unusually mild flavor. New image meets a combination of citrus and spicy notes and revealed unexpected sensual softness. Top notes: pink pepper, orange, bergamot, a mixture of Chinese and South African red tea. Note the "heart": pulp figs. Final note: walnut and musk.

Omnia (Bvlgari) - bottle in the form of woven precious rings, in perfect harmony with its refined, pleasant and very feminine fragrance.

Omnia Crystalline (Bvlgari) - this perfume attracts fresh and fragrant sweetness. Worried floral and fruity notes of Japanese pear and lotus, he continues to impress, playing with exquisitely sensual and romantic notes of bamboo and wood Balsa wood.

Petits et Mamans (Bvlgari) - flavor, suitable for mom and baby. Gentle and heartwarming aroma does not cause allergies. When creating this fragrance perfumers used the most delicate sort of tea, chamomile. The original note and talc powder fragrance like easy for both children and adults. Sicilian bergamot, orange, Brazilian rosewood, sunflower, wild rose, peach, daisy, iris, vanilla make Lequiller, sunny, fresh and invigorating aroma, flavor of childhood. Does not contain alcohol, passed tests for allergic reactions.

Bvlgary for men

 Aqva Pour Homme (Bvlgari) - the water was the cradle of life on earth. Magic connection between this element and the person has not left indifferent and creators of perfumes. Bright, clean and sensual fragrance reveals notes of mandarin and neroli. Perfume gradually becomes more intense - into its own flavors come santolina (essential oil), posidonia (seaweed) and amber.

BLV Notte pour Homme (Bvlgari) - bright and sensual masculine fragrance reveals the innermost and mysterious side. Exciting aroma Galang, energetic notes of neroli, bergamot and cardamom emphasize elegance and sophistication men. Lavender flowers and tobacco birth warm, enveloping, seductive and sensual chords. Wenge, revealing his thick, rich flavor and blending with the scent of dark chocolate produces a daring seduction, pulsating mysterious mystery.

Bvlgari (Bvlgari) - this fragrance blended classic elegance and modern individualism. Top notes: bergamot from Calabria, orange blossom from Morocco, blackcurrant juice flower, tea, lily, lily of the valley. Heart note: cardamom from Turkey, pepper, palissandrovoe tree, iris, guaiac wood from Paraguay. Final note: amber, musk. The aroma will give you a feeling of freshness and comfort throughout the day.

Bvlgari Black (Bvlgari) - The nature of this fragrance lies in its modernity and simplicity is its main quality. Nothing more, only refinement of simplicity. Top note: lapsangovy tea from Ceylon, smoke. The main note: rubber resin. Final note: amber, wood.

Bvlgari BLV (Bvlgari) - a fragrance for an unpredictable man. The severity and passion, control and instinct. Contrary to blend opposite elements of the unique character of BLV Pour Home. Man-BLV cocky, it all under control. And yet, deep inside, he hides the unpredictable passion and unexpected sensuality. Contrast - the key to his undeniable appeal. Cool, spicy notes of ginger, cardamom mix in the ripe aroma of tobacco flower, juniper, causing infinite charm unsolved mystery. Tensions magical flavor develops in the wood alchemy gray teak, sandalwood, cedar and musk.

Bvlgari Extreme (Bvlgari) - This fragrance - a rich variation on the theme Bvlgari pour homme. Top notes are bergamot, orange blossom, black currant tea Darjeeling, lily, lily, pepper, palissandrovoe and guaiac wood, amber and musk. Will give you a feeling of freshness and comfort throughout the day.

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