Aromas of love: what is an aphrodisiac?

 Along with essential oils, aphrodisiacs, there are perfumes, which includes human sex pheromones. Pheromones in Greek literally means - bearing excitement. These biologically active substances are at very low concentrations. In the animal world, sex pheromones (secretions of special glands in animals and humans) provide meeting and getting to know individuals of different sex, they stimulate sexual behavior.

The first human sex pheromone was isolated about 20 years ago. It attracts matter became a sensation. However, to obtain the substance attracts people of only one gender, it took many years and a lot of scientific research. Started uncontrolled widespread fascination with this powerful love potion of the XX century.

It got to the curiosities, as people do not consider that sex pheromones act on all those around them of the opposite sex. Many had serious sexual-psychological problems. After such a "boom" in many European countries were forbidden to sell products, which includes sex pheromones.

To date, these sex pheromones are known aphrodisiacs like androstenone and androstenol.

The first man stands in the youth time, ie during puberty - from 15 to 20 years. At the end of this period androstenol practically ceases to be produced. During puberty future androstenol men produce two to three times more than girls. Besides, the level of the female pheromone decreases with hormonal disturbances (such as during reception of contraceptive tablets) and during menstruation.

It is also worth noting that androstenol - a unique pheromone attracts both men and women. He just draws your attention without causing sexual desire.

And here is the concentration of androstenone male aggressiveness, it attracts and repels women men. And there is nothing surprising: for women male aggression, strength for centuries considered a symbol of protection and support in difficult times. This scent acts on the subconscious, those instincts, which are incorporated in our nature.

Now you know more about essential oils, aphrodisiacs and sex pheromones. However, Russia's preparations containing sex pheromones are not sold that, perhaps, the better.

But aromatherapy, in particular the use of essential oils, aphrodisiacs, successfully gaining recognition in medicine and cosmetology. In our country, the essential oils come from all over the world, as the production of natural essential oils for many years successfully engaged in European and Asian countries.

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