Aromatic essences are one of the oldest elixirs, opening the most incredible heights of Love ...

No need to be completed Freudian to argue that there can be no happiness in life without love, and love can not be complete and "standard-beautiful" without sensual side. Anything that gives us life, can be divided into "gifts-promotion" and "gifts-punishment."

Love - the most vivid and precious gift of life, which marks the triumph of spirit. Lack of sensuality - "gift-punishment", covering for us that part of life in which the body is spiritualized, and the spirit becomes corporeal. For sensuality - a spiritual celebration of the body, granting pleasure. This is an opportunity to express his personal language of "I" and feel the response of those who share our holiday enjoyment. As an integral part of the art of communication, sensuality brings to relate directly and admiration. In combination with the flavors it gives us the opportunity to know your body and make it a source of joy and repose of the soul.

Aromatic essences are one of the oldest elixirs, opening the most incredible heights of love. Who became famous for centuries for their talents and Magicians of Love Masters of the Order (Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Marguerite de Navarre, Kazakova, Catherine II ...) skillfully used essential oils as "a means of love magic", attracting and charming the whole life of men and women.

What makes aromaessentsiyu unsurpassed erotic elixir?

Aroma. Seductive, intoxicating, seductive, with notes of fancy fragrance not only causes erotic associations, but also the exciting pulse in the receptors of the nose, projecting on erotoopredelyayuschie areas of the brain, and then - on the genitals.

Comfort. It can not be easy and natural communication between lovers, if at least one of them a headache or a cold start, if the soul severity, and in his mind - apathy. All erotic scents have antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates asthenia and depression, feeling zakompleksovannosti and uncertainty in their abilities.

Beauty. All essential oils have a range of erotic beneficial effect on the skin, rejuvenating, smoothing, refreshing and giving it elasticity. Due biomassazhnyh properties aromaessentsii provide a burst of energy to muscles and the influx of nervous energy, filling each reaction sophistication and motivation in love.

Magic. Property, explains the depth of influence physicians essential oils on the nervous and endocrine system of the person, as well as its psychological and energy halo. Aromas eliminate the curvature of psychological and hormonal levels, perfectly nourish and restore the integrity of the aura, providing inner harmony personality attraction for a partner. Moreover, our "clouded" consciousness burdened daily monotony of events, cleaned, brightens, opens to the perception of the music of love. Every little thing: touch, alluring depression in the ground, hot half-smile, covering the passion in the eyes of nerve lashes ... crash into your memory and will nourish your sensuality and your youth.

Physiology. Erotic essential soap optimize blood circulation in the pelvic organs, normalize the endocrine and exocrine increase the cell cycle, eliminate stagnant processes and decomposition reactions.