The most curious carpets of the world

The most curious carpets of the world
 Carpeting, exactly imitating thousands of rose petals, recently went on sale in interior design showrooms. Interesting rug from Nani Marquina as if created to complement the romantic atmosphere. Its large volume loops - an exact copy of scarlet rose petals scattered on the floor. However, amazing carpets - a great multitude, and the most curious should know more in detail.  
 Iran has long won the title of the main manufacturer of high quality Persian carpets. Now, this country was still listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. Iranian masters woven fabric floor size of 5627 square meters. m. This is more than a year engaged in carpet weavers in 1200. Naturally, such a treasure woven by hand from the finest threads. Large rectangular cloth consisting of 2, 2 million knots and resembles a football field, because the color of the carpet of bright green, herbal. The work of art is transferred to the Mosque of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed owned and is the largest church in the United Arab Emirates.

The oldest carpet in the world can be seen in the largest art museum in the world Hermitage. Scientists suggest that it is woven treasure is likely to have been in the Middle East, and in the 5th century BC he was transferred to the Altai caravans. There he lay in permafrost mound to archaeological excavations in 1929. Thus, this ancient carpet about 2, 5 thousand years. Survived it, of course, is not in perfect condition, but the richness of color and pattern is quite clear.

The most expensive carpet in the world of surviving in 2010 was sold for 9, $ 6 million in the US auction Christie's. As with all previous instances, the carpet, of course, comes from Iran. He was woven in the mid 17th century. Its area is rather modest - 3, 3, 1, 5 m. In fact that all Persian carpets are measured by the meter, announced the price seems incredible - 50 thousand. Dollars per 1 sq. cm. This rug is not intended for the living room or bedroom - walk on it just will not. He joins a closed private collection of the lovers of antiquity, whose name was not disclosed, but the value of the carpet is determined by the history of things, which is described in the certificate is applied to the product. That is why the vintage piece handmade carpets are not ranked lower than Rembrandt and Monet.

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