Restoring the wooden windows

Restoring the wooden windows
 A significant drawback of wooden windows compared with plastic is that they are weak in the indoor heat retention. Partially fill this gap will help restoration of windows, which requires much less cash outlay than to replace them. The process of restoring wooden windows contains works to remove old paint, primer, putty, paint and install the seal.

Before carrying out the restoration of the windows need to prepare a workplace free and sills of all objects that are not intended for repair.

First with the windows removed the old paint, window shpatlyuetsya. By drying putty trimmed, and to improve the adhesion of paint to the wood primed. If after priming rise pile, you need to apply a second layer of putty. The window can be considered prepared for painting. The paint is applied in two layers, wherein the second layer is applied after drying the first. To protect the glass from getting paint on them glued masking tape.

The gap between the frame and the glass filled with silicone sealant. Excess sealant cut with a knife when it dries. Then, on top of a window glazing bead set (special wooden slats for fastening the glass to the frame), it should not extend beyond the frame.

The gap between the frame and the window frame is sealed with a special adhesive seal. To secure the seal to the surface of the box (frame), the surface is cleaned with sandpaper and processed solvent. After gluing the seal is fixed in several places with small nails or staples.

To ensure the free wheeling wings when opening and closing the window you want to replace or tighten loosened loop attachment for them. Loose screws or nails are replaced with new ones that are a little longer and thicker. If these steps do not resolve the jam when moving flaps may deformed window. In this case, you will need to use the plane or sandpaper to increase the gap at the point of jamming. To determine the exact location of seizure, you can use carbon paper.

To ensure smooth movement flaps hinges are lubricated with engine oil. Worn parts of window fittings are replaced with new ones.

To wooden windows will last longer, you need to regularly ventilate the room, do not overload the sash windows more weight and protect the window from mechanical damage.

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