How to choose blinds

How to choose blinds
 Previously, blinds installed exclusively on office windows - their austere and rustic design, standard color is only suitable for decorating the premises. Modern blinds are an important design tool room of any type and destination.  
 First you need to determine the type of blinds - it depends on the functionality of the room and the challenges that will perform design. Business, austere interior look best with horizontal blinds - they can be installed on windows operating offices or home libraries. Vertical blinds are more functional for residential interior and the choice of materials (fabric, plastic, wood, aluminum) allows you to emphasize any design.

Most practical materials for blinds are considered plastic and aluminum - such designs are easy to clean, they do not collect a lot of dust and reliable in use. Considered to be the most expensive wood blinds because of their ecological purity and long service life. Most consumers are available textile blinds - a wide range of rich palette of colors, choice of texture and pattern. Fabric blinds can be combined with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and children's room.

If the design of the room did not manage to "fit" traditional models of blinds, roller design is used. They can be combined with curtains and curtains. The raw material for the manufacture of roller blinds can be natural materials (bamboo or cane), which increases their attractiveness in terms of human health. Multifacture models are ideal for rooms designed for individual projects or rooms with a mix of styles.

Before you buy blinds and windows should be measured to determine the mounting method to calculate the size of overlap. Is set to the distance from the edge of the blinds to the floor or window sill. If you decide what type of blinds to buy, always consider the peculiarities of their operation - in which direction you are planning to open them how you will care for and so forth.

Care blinds is an important parameter of choice - as well as any decorative window frames, they will collect dust and become dirty from constant touch. The easiest way to take care of metal and plastic models - water and soap solution with a damp cloth. Wooden blinds can be wiped or vacuumed. Fabric structures are often impregnated with anti-dust compounds, so they need to be washed separately, dipping slats in a soap solution - it is troublesome, and eventually leads to the fact that the blinds lose its original appearance.

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