House tailoring

House tailoring
 New clothes are very pleased with both women and men. It allows you to look stylish, fashionable and attractive. Unfortunately, not always possible to buy in the store what you want: there is no correct model, clothing does not fit or just do not like the product range. In this case, you can find an alternative to the store and order clothes in the house tailoring, that is, in the studio.

Custom tailoring atelier has advantages over buying the finished product. The main advantage lies in the fact that the clothes will sit perfectly on you, that is, the size will be chosen specifically for you. Rare person has absolutely proportional shape corresponding to a particular industrial size. Very often there are situations where a person has the size of the top does not match the size of your trousers or skirt, or the sleeves are too long or too short. Sellers in the shop does not be able to help you. But the tailor sew your clothes to fit your individual parameters with all the features of the figure. In addition, you will always be assured of quality material, threads and the seams.

Another plus point of order in the studio is the price. The cost of a good brand clothing stores can be very high, but in the house of tailoring you pay for it, as for any other clothes. You can copy any brand, select any favorite model, and make it available for the cost themselves. Of course, there is no company discounts and sales, but the average price of the product is below the shop.

Atelier will help you in solving other problems. It often happens that a set of clothes spoils the appearance of a product, for example, trousers and jacket is in perfect condition. In the store you can offer to buy a new set. Tailor is ready to sew trousers, suitable to your jacket, and you will once again be the proud owner of the suit by paying only the cost of the pants. It is very comfortable and, of course, very beneficial.

Of course, with custom tailoring and there are difficulties and inconveniences. First of all, you never know how it will look on your finished product. Of course, you can be sure that the clothes will adjust to fit your size, another question - whether the principle you in such a model? The store is always possible to try on clothes, povertetsya before a mirror and see how well this or that thing emphasizes your strengths and hides figure flaws. In the studio it can be done. You will be shown a photo or drawing of the finished product, and you can only imagine how it would look on you. But out of this situation there is a way: You can find a similar model in the store, look at it, try, and then order in the studio, if your appearance you want.

Have clothes from individual house tailoring and another minus. It has to be ordered in advance, while you can buy in the store quickly. If you need to wear a specific day, for example, to the event or celebration, it is better to book well in advance before the scheduled date so that it certainly was ready for the desired date.

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