Three styles of bedroom

Three styles of bedroom
 Territory bedrooms - intimate space, and equip it should not for show, but for themselves. If the living room, hallway and even the kitchen may differ intricate design based on the enthusiastic reaction of the guests, the bedroom in the first place should be cozy.

"Traditional" - does not mean boring. Thanks to the design ideas even classic bedroom can be converted into an object worthy of a magazine cover. The main thing - skillfully combine traditional materials - wood and textiles - and modern accessories.

Classical bedroom begins with a large bed with a wooden headboard, which is located in the corner or against the wall opposite the door. On the sides or on one side of the bed put bedside tables. Ceiling Light traditionally done muted lighting accents - in bedside lamps or lamps on the bedside table.

Eye-catching shade will help to create heavy-colored curtains, stuck special clips or bands. Also implies the existence of a classic in the bedroom of flowers in vases on a special stand or on a windowsill. Modern note in traditional attire - a color instead of white linen. It can be patterned or not, the main thing - that combined with the main colors of the room, for example, the color of the wallpaper or carpet on the floor.


Despite the ambiguity of this style for the bedroom, it is a leader in the design proposals for the arrangement of the apartment. Bedroom in the high-tech style is likely to require radical rearrangements and even repairs. The walls in this style are assumed plain: no wallpaper, painted. Color can be anything from white to black, but the preference is still given no cardinal shades, such as milk or dark blue.

In contrast to classical bedrooms, hi-Teke is welcome bright light, which is made in the ceiling built-in lights. Instead of curtains on the window - blinds. An important feature of the style - minimalism, so the bedroom should not be a lot of furniture. Wardrobe and bed with metal headboard, as an option - a small bedside cabinet with a single color. Instead of carpet on the floor - a small rectangular mat. On the walls - pictures in black and white or black and white family photos in narrow metal frames.

Japanese style

Appeared in Russia not so long ago, this style has become a successful combination of Eastern exoticism and Russian traditions and is now an excellent alternative to the uncompromising high-tech. As well as high-tech Japanese style promotes minimalism, but it refuses to metal in favor of natural materials and softens details in the space of oriental spirit.

Bedroom in the Japanese style is a space in the calm, nice looking colors. For example, in a creamy, light brown, mustard-yellow. Elements of oriental décor - mat on the floor instead of carpet and blinds in place - on the windows. Bed in a "Japanese" bedroom is often a high mattress lying on the floor. Wardrobe or built-in wardrobe is located behind the screen, and next to the bed is a low table for morning tea. Typical for this style accessories - paper lampshades, fans as wall decor and floor vases.

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