Interior design in the style of the Empire

Interior design in the style of the Empire
 Empire is a majestic and solemn style which promotes luxury and wealth, featuring chic and monumentality. The style blends well with the living room and bedroom, the other types of facilities do not coincide with the direction of style over functionality.  
 Sophistication and style of the house owner will emphasize the Empire in the living room - this is where you take guests to spend time with his family, decide important issues. Making Empire-style involves a high cost of registration - one of only natural wood furniture, massive and huge, is not cheap. Upholstery - plush dense fabric or soft leather gourmet candle. Required roundtable - it can occupy a central place in the room. Thick worktop, curved, but durable and reliable legs decorated with interesting carvings, dark wood - this is usually represented by a table where the family eats, or do their own thing. A few chairs with soft seats in the tone table complete the package. Comfortable sofa in the low-legged, with a bright textile upholstery, cushions decorated and equipped with a small foot-stool.

A little more modern looks composition of stylish sofa, pair of armchairs, low coffee table with glass top. In such living is necessarily present high bookcase and as accessories perfect grandfather clock, fine porcelain figurines and vases, table lamps with textile shades, huge paintings on the walls.

Room in the Empire style looks conservative, but elegant and refined. Add to the overall interior crystal chandelier with candelabra, moldings on the ceiling and a huge stone fireplaces - living room will look dignified and respectable.

Bedrooms in the Empire style reminiscent of the French nobles boudoirs - High incredible size bed decorated with a transparent canopy, dressing table with wooden frame with exquisite carvings, nice dresser, comfortable chair. Thick curtains of light shades in perfect harmony with the dark wood furniture and flying transparent curtains. Hard pelmets give the room a resemblance to the royal chambers. Everywhere observed symmetry and duality - two bedside tables on either side of the bed, the same decorative columns on the edges of the window, everything is subordinated to a single idea.

Despite the clear criteria and principles, the Empire allows you to experiment by choosing shapes and colors. The main condition is a wealth of materials and massive structures.

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