Fitted bedroom feng shui

Fitted bedroom feng shui
 According to popular eastern teachings bedroom - the second most important room in the apartment after the kitchen, and in the opinion of ordinary people - and do the most important thing. Because that happiness in the family to be complete, you can spend arrangement bedroom feng shui.
 According to Chinese science room for sleeping must be located farthest from the entrance to the apartment. Bedroom door and the front door should not look at each other. To regulate one side or another relationship with a partner, you must select a room in one direction: to establish sexual relations - in the north, to the stability of the relationship - in the northwest, to increase the romantic part of the relationship - in the west.

The color scheme for the bedroom Feng Shui is very important. It depends largely on personal preference landlords. It is necessary to carefully examine your daily fortune to choose colors that will be painted in the bedroom. If in the morning there is lethargy and drowsiness, help bright, juicy colors. If, on the contrary, even after a good rest fails overexcitement and aggressiveness, the walls should issue in light pastel colors.

In the teachings of Feng Shui, there are two basic style of the room - the style of Yin and Yang style. Yin style is suitable for those who do not have problems with sleep, a state in the morning cheerful and in a good mood. Bedroom Color style Yin: peach, pink, gold, purple, beige. Yang style will help people with sleep disorders, restlessness at night, sleepiness during the day. The main colors of this style: dark blue, dark red, emerald green. Well, if the ceiling is the same color as the walls, but a little lighter.

Protagonist bedroom - the bed. To maintain balance and stability in the family is very important for what it is and where is. The ideal option bed - round, without additional boxes and accessories. If the boxes are present, they can be stored in a linen. Need to place the bed away from the entrance to the bedroom, but so that you can see the door. It is not necessary to put the bed headboard to the window - during sleep all the positive energy will fly out the window. If a double bed, the mattress should be uniform, or between spouses will not be understanding.

The main rule for the bedroom - a minimum of furniture and a maximum free space. Bed, a pair of bedside tables, linen closet - the best set for the bedroom. Cluttering will hinder healthy sleep.

In a room to sleep in any case should not be stored old photos, letters, newspaper. Do not place or safe and piggy bank with money. Bedroom - this is primarily a place to rest, and then the room in the apartment.

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