Delicate care of upholstered furniture

Delicate care of upholstered furniture
 Buying upholstered furniture, I want to make it as long as possible kept the attractive appearance of the upholstery. But the methods of care for each cover their own, and only knowing and applying them in practice, you will be able to enjoy many years of their ideal appearance of upholstered furniture.
 Furniture requires, above all, preventive care. As a rule, upholstery vacuumed, but it is not always correct. Too frequent use of it often hurts pile fabrics, appear unsightly scuff. It is better to use special brushes or, in extreme cases, special nozzles.

Sometimes make wet vacuum cleaning, but before you make it, is to ask, whether furniture fabric carries this type of cleaning. Often the most expensive upholstery, especially one which includes viscose, may be subject to extremely dry cleaning.

It is also important to remove all dirt and time not to bring the lining to brining. If the projecting parts of upholstered furniture will be darker than the base color clap-cloth after cleaning there is a risk that they will become more bleak.

Before you use a new stain remover or means to care for furniture upholstery, try it on a small pre inconspicuous area. Any cleaners do not apply directly to the upholstery, and first on a soft cloth with which to distribute funds across the surface to be treated. Mix multiple resources is not recommended, they may react with each other in unexpected ways.

Upholstered furniture dry vacuum cleaner or hair dryer can not be better to let them dry naturally. Upholstery fabrics, especially natural, it is recommended to protect from direct sunlight.

Removable covers and bedspreads better wash by hand or dry cleaned. Hand-washing is necessary to use special tools for careful washing, which soften the water, have antibacterial and protective equipment. Chlorine-containing powders can damage tissue, their use is not recommended.

Liquid stains can be removed with a damp sponge upholstery, and fatty - special solvent. Ethanol can remove stains from lipstick and juices. Contamination of coffee and chocolate is first treated with a soap solution. When cleaning upholstery, be careful and follow the instructions for the care of this type of tissue, which is usually issued when purchasing the product.

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