Bedroom in natural style

Bedroom in natural style
 Gray, monotonous routine or intensive work associated with constant stress, very weary residents of large cities. No wonder many of them dream of becoming work at their summer cottage or field trips. Unfortunately, this can not everyone. So many people are trying to create a piece of nature at home, adding to the interior of some details of natural materials or even decorated in a natural style of their homes, such as the bedroom.
 Why bedroom? This is natural, because the place where the person is at rest, body and soul, to be quiet and calm, relaxing and soothing. These are the feelings experienced anyone who is somewhere in nature, away from the hustle and bustle.

Distinctive features of this style - freshness, a sense of the breadth and spaciousness, the mandatory use of natural materials, with a soft color palette, uncomplicated and comfortable environment. But the one who thinks that this is very simple and almost in a rural, very wrong, because the apparent simplicity in fact not cheap, as all surrounding objects and decoration are made of wood, stone, ceramics and so on.

But the natural, or as it is called, environmental, style, perhaps, the most permits to show your creative imagination. You can make a bedroom interior in the form of flower fields, sunlit or shaded garden, the sea shore on some southern island or the mysterious underwater world. And additional elements - sculptures from the root of the tree, beautifully decorated herbarium, seashells or aquarium with goldfish - liven up a room, making it a very interesting and cozy.

This style focuses particular attention on maintaining human health. Therefore, in the design of the bedrooms are often used materials such as cork and bamboo. Floor covering made of cork has orthopedic properties: walking on this floor reduces the load on the spine. It attracts and the fact that it does not accumulate dust, and it is vital for people with asthma and allergies. The big advantage of cork is also considered a good sound insulation.

Sometimes on the floor mat of reeds are selected, which is also very good, because walking on "scratchy" material - a kind of foot massage. Quality natural materials for floors that have recently been widely used are sisal and coconut thread. But if you do not want exotic, not worse it will look on the floor in your bedroom and big fluffy carpet of green tones decorated floral ornaments.

Very popular in interior design and eco-friendly and stylish bamboo. From it produced a variety of items - Panel for zoning premises, painting on the wall, furniture, decorative items.

Bedroom furniture often wooden and has a simple shape, but looks very nice and wicker: excellent decorated room chairs, laundry baskets, boxes made of rattan.

Natural style emphasizes the selection of appropriate textile materials for upholstery, curtains, cushions and pillows. Linens also runs only from natural fabrics. The best, for example, are pleasant to the touch and delicate, yet durable cotton, as well as more expensive and prestigious satin. The colors of all tissues are soft, pastel colors.

And, of course, a mandatory attribute of a bedroom in natural style are houseplants.

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